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SO ARE YOU (1995) 28 min. Video will be featured in DECADEnce exhibition @queerarts June 16-27, 2018. "Paul Wong’s SO ARE YOU looks into the mirror of cultural stereotypes, challenging us to consider how stereotypes come to shape our understanding of the world, and perpetuate racism and sexism. [...]
Mobilising painful stereotypes and retelling the racist jokes by which privilege asserts itself, So Are You is without question “politically incorrect” if by this we are to include representations which repeat racist and sexist stereotypes. While many viewers question the effectiveness of Wong’s strategy in that the stereotypes and jokes reappear without any direct comment, it is paradoxically an example of the kind of work most quickly dismissed as “pc” (politically correct) – media which challenges the viewers, particularly middle class white viewers, to acknowledge and confront internalised racism, classism and sexism."
- Excerpt from VOID, Curatorial Essay by Ken Anderlini (Nov. 2000). #racist #sexist #stereotypes #videoart #identity #capitalism #sucess #rolemodels #privilege #identicaltwins #drag #men #women #drugs #sex #alcohol #assimilation


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