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In this picture, Cheeky, Jr. and I are at the Tulsa Kids’ 30th Birthday bash, cooling off from the Oklahoma heat, eating too much sugar, and getting our play on. At the exact same time across town, friends are getting shwastey and celebrating LGBTQ’s slow (but present) acceptance into this Bible Belt state (🙌🏻🥂). This past Sunday, CJ and I snuggled on the couch and watched cartoons while my friends celebrated Tulsa Tough racing up Cry Baby Hill. Before CJ, I would have been jealous of them. I would have regretted anything that stood in the way of having the kind of fun posted on IG from any 20something in Tulsa this weekend. I would have been thinking of nothing else, and I would have found whatever I WAS doing to be totally lame in comparison. Now? I only think about missing an event after it’s popped up on social media. I probably COULD care less, but I definitely don’t care enough. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends. I love spending time with them and building memories. I love knowing how they’re doing and chit-chatting about past times. They’re wonderful people, no lie. There’s just something about spending time with someone who shares your unconditional love, though; there’s something about taking in the precious moments (yes, even the moments snuggling on the couch) that lead to building a well-rounded human. On the days I have to pick, I pick CJ - all day, every day, forever and always. #tulsakids #tulsapride #priority #family #love #unconditionallove #toddler #mamabear #babybear #lovehim #tulsa #oklahoma #tulsaoklahoma



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