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An excerpt from Captive: "The zoos I visited and have depicted in Captive are not immutable or inevitable; they are human constructs for human pleasures that belong to an age when we knew little to nothing, or cared about, the inner lives of other species. As the field of ethology–the observation of animals in their natural settings–continues to gain its footing in the scientific discourse about sentience and welfare, it will become inevitable that compassionate choices are the only paths forward. We can encourage zoos to conserve species in the wild. We can provide more resources for improved habitats for rescued animals who would not survive in the wild. We can close down all unaccredited and poorly run institutions. There are a lot of things we can do. And of this I am certain: places of exploitation, domination and objectification have no place in an enlightened society. They can become sanctuaries, wildlife centres and places for compassionate conservation. It's time for us to be courageous and build a relationship between we animals and those animals based on respect and care. It's time to evolve and leave captivity behind." - Jo

Captive: the Book is available on Amazon.
📷: Lions. France, 2017.

Jo-Anne McArthur/@onevoiceanimal


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