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What's a hard weekend😮🏖🔥
The probrems are super hard and @alex_puccio89 @nonaka_miho are super strong💪🏼😠 Finaly I did 3rd place in Vail but I felt a lot of my weakness points..💦 I'm complete defeat‼︎‼︎*
I want to more strong for everything🔥
Then I'd like to fight with strong girls👧🏻🎀I'm soo motivated to train🧗‍♀️🎶*
WCB Vail 3位でした🥉*
Huge Congratulations for @alex_puccio89 and my teammate @odenpyon 👏😍🏆✨*
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  • 9w ago icokloppenburg icokloppenburg

    You’ll be back on top Akiyo, for sure! Just stick to your plans..

  • 9w ago bouldertommy bouldertommy

    You were really great Akiyo! 🤗
    You won bronze medal 🥉despite jet-lag, high altitude, and heat. Surely problems was really hard but you’ve CRUSHED W3 - in which no other even touch the zone!! What an intelligent climbing that was!!! 👏👏👏
    Work hard if you know your weaknesses and come back stronger than ever in Munich!
    Gamba Akiyo!!! 💪💪💪

  • 9w ago a3r0k1t a3r0k1t

    Watching u top boulder 3 was an inspiration!

  • 9w ago verticalartfactory verticalartfactory

    Akiyo, you’re still strong! Congratulations on getting another metal!

  • 9w ago kid_hook kid_hook

    Still number 1

  • 9w ago dmamyril dmamyril

    they r ur motivator and catalyst to move u forward.

  • 9w ago rokodromo_climbingholds rokodromo_climbingholds

    Always inspiring reading your posts Queen of bouldering, you deserve the best, and that's why you are going to be again the world champion. No doubt. ;-)

  • 9w ago plurster plurster

    Gambatte! You are still my favorite!

  • 9w ago takirider takirider


  • 9w ago katsukimaru katsukimaru


  • 9w ago gucchi_occhan gucchi_occhan


  • 9w ago geki.0313 geki.0313


  • 9w ago iken_777 iken_777

    Go for it @noguchi_akiyo 💪🏻👍

  • 9w ago leojuhe leojuhe

    Keepa doing well you are incredibly inspirating !

  • 9w ago pfong pfong

    Congratulations on 3rd and Ganbatte!

  • 9w ago kazunarima kazunarima

    💪💪💪💪Gambare power girl!!!!

  • 9w ago xrmd30baja xrmd30baja


  • 9w ago kizuna0530 kizuna0530

    お疲れさまでした✨ クールダウンしてコンディション整えて次の大会がんばってください💪✨

  • 9w ago cozy_pafpaf cozy_pafpaf


  • 9w ago ryu02512 ryu02512

    お疲れ様です^ ^

  • 9w ago verticalartfactory verticalartfactory

    Amazing work on the 3rd slab boulder!! 💗 You’ll do amazing in Munich!

  • 9w ago makotokawazoe makotokawazoe


  • 9w ago darkmatter_babygirl darkmatter_babygirl


  • 9w ago dariominervini dariominervini

    The boulders were just "strong". The boulder 3 was "climbing". Go on dancing on vertical dimension. Great Akiyo

  • 9w ago climbnepal climbnepal

    It is always amazing to see you climb.

  • 9w ago mr_edward_01 mr_edward_01

    His face punny 😂😂😂

  • 9w ago yoshihideakio yoshihideakio


  • 9w ago gannbarinn110 gannbarinn110


  • 9w ago kennethyip_99 kennethyip_99


  • 9w ago

    惜しい!毎回優勝が変わる中、常に表彰台に上がっているのは凄いですよ〜 年間チャンピオン期待してます。

  • 9w ago rarin_katy rarin_katy

    You were the only one who can do problem 3!!! So amazing to witness that

  • 9w ago john.clinch john.clinch

    I think you did brilliantly. No weakness! W3 you had the only top. You'll still win the world cup

  • 9w ago emrysohmdreaming emrysohmdreaming

    A great performance regardless!! Keep up the amazing progress.

  • 9w ago isdrew isdrew

    #1 looks like she can crush a beer keg barehanded.

  • 9w ago jmurphdawg42 jmurphdawg42

    I can not say without trying the boulders myself, but it looked like you didn’t have your regular flow. Seemed like an off day, or maybe just American style setting. You have been the most consistent athlete all year though, I think you’re doing great!

  • 9w ago rattis_welt rattis_welt

    nevertheless great Performance 💪💪💪 congrats😗 love your climbing

  • 9w ago

    @samii201 the last photo is stone summit in my eyes

  • 9w ago aki.grace aki.grace


  • 4w ago salustrianodasilva salustrianodasilva


  • 4w ago salustrianodasilva salustrianodasilva



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