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Round 2 tonight. Hanging with @nbcwillandgrace family at #UTVFYC @ucbtla. #WillAndGrace


  • 14w ago mercedesgmcqueen mercedesgmcqueen

    Really would have loved to go 😢

  • 14w ago leirand1 leirand1

    Aw where was this?

  • 14w ago kyrahh13 kyrahh13

    so much love 💕

  • 14w ago artistssinspo artistssinspo

    my heart is fullll💕

  • 14w ago marisol.vargas.delajara marisol.vargas.delajara

    @assalazart esos deberíamos ser tú y yo.

  • 14w ago eamonn.mccrystal eamonn.mccrystal

    Great night- loved being there!!

  • 14w ago satyamsagarsahu3s satyamsagarsahu3s

  • 14w ago satyamsagarsahu3s satyamsagarsahu3s

  • 14w ago carolainbh carolainbh

    @seanhayes en Colombia te amamos

  • 14w ago patrick_jazz patrick_jazz

    As part of University of California, i am so proud that this happened in Berkley

  • 14w ago wonkafit wonkafit

    Is that uc Berkeley?

  • 14w ago soulpreneur_consultant soulpreneur_consultant

    @seanhayes What a great opportunity! I would have loved to attend such a fun experience! Your group would really enjoy the unique and creative sessions and opportunities I offer. Feel free to check out my Instagram. ❤️

  • 14w ago mariaramirezmesa mariaramirezmesa


  • 14w ago freespiritshel_in_pa freespiritshel_in_pa

    Can't wait for Season 2!!!!!

  • 14w ago meggppg meggppg

    Best show ever ❤️

  • 14w ago meggppg meggppg

    Best show ever ❤️

  • 14w ago ssssalamander ssssalamander

    You guys are as funny today as the first show years ago!!

  • 14w ago princess_sapphire928 princess_sapphire928

    Love you guys!!!

  • 14w ago eddie4vr eddie4vr

    Susan is Lazy!!

  • 14w ago ladymiiya ladymiiya


  • 14w ago drzubradt drzubradt

    @tonyrodrig where the hell were you?

  • 14w ago comeoutagainstcancernyc comeoutagainstcancernyc


  • 14w ago kristilfrank kristilfrank

    How is Megan's hair redder than Debra's??!!! 😃

  • 14w ago authormarcusjking authormarcusjking


  • 14w ago tonyrodrig tonyrodrig

    @drzubradt I'm not on it! Yet!

  • 14w ago dr_mike2 dr_mike2

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