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Finally we have matching drool pads for our sumac, received from @soulslings_india
Have you checked out their drool pads? If you own a #soulcarrier dont forget to get matching drool pads for it from @soulslings. There will be vomiting, drooling and biting of the carrier throughout the babywearing journey with our little ones. A pair of drool pads will be a good addition as it will ease the cleaning process and help keep our carriers clean as we cannot keep washing the carriers everytime it is soiled. These are my first pair and dont ask me why I delayed so much to get one..I was looking out for the most prettiest one 🤣 and also soul just recently introduced them. These also have slots to add teeting accessories or any of your hanging baby toys 👍
The carrier featured is my all time favourite #soulsumac and the drool pads I chose were TANO #soulfullbuckle #babywearingwithsoul #summerwithsoul #soulaccessories #eveningwalks #babywearingmoms #instamoms #instababy #momandbaby #keepthemclose #droolpads #babywearingaccessories #wearthemall #babywearing #bondingtime #soulslings #indianmoms


  • 13w ago sumitakapoor14003 sumitakapoor14003

    I am not aware from this term drool pad going to Google it

  • 13w ago disha_mybabydiaries disha_mybabydiaries

    @sumitakapoor14003 oh hehe...arey its that blue thing you can see in my is to protect the carrier from baby's drool or vomit..just a piece of cloth attached to the carrier.. 😊


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