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The climb continues as #Painless is now NUMBER 7 on the @billboard charts! So proud to have our second TOP 7 single from the #Judas record! Can it match #Judas at number 5? Can it go even higher? No matter what, THANKS to all of you who have supported this song and #Fozzy...WE LOVE YOU! - CJ


  • 22w ago allihagendorf allihagendorf

    💗💗💗 @fozzyrock

  • 22w ago seth13567 seth13567

    Painless is amazing

  • 22w ago lindseyisreal lindseyisreal

    You just made the list!!!

  • 22w ago dr_mandroid dr_mandroid

    Painless baby!!!!🙌

  • 22w ago ia.r_official ia.r_official

    I've just started listening to Fozzy and was like..... why didn't I listen to them sooner. YOU'RE MUSIC IS FRICKEN AMAZING!!! \,,/

  • 22w ago beachbaby72 beachbaby72

    This song is just so freaking awesome!

  • 22w ago darkyengel darkyengel

    Yeahh saludos desde México

  • 22w ago bad_news_dimi bad_news_dimi

    Such an amazing song. It really speaks to people like me who suffer from depression and the such. Whoever of you guys wrote the lyrics, I respect you.

  • 22w ago ka.te.lyn ka.te.lyn

    Such an amazing band!! So happy for you guys.

  • 22w ago spooky.bolar spooky.bolar

    The only thing I noticed was the Five Finger Death Punch

  • 22w ago greamorgensohn greamorgensohn

    Love Painless


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