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THE CREEPS and SCAB at Thrashers in Ocala. Summer 88' Concrete Sk8 Park in the middle of nowhere. We (Creeps) played anywhere and everywhere back then. SCAB were a short lived Jax Beach band we shared alot of shows with during that time. I don't think there were more than 6-10 Punk bands active in Jax during this time period. We were the only beach bands. If I remember correctly we had car loads of beach people and another caravan of ROTW members converge and create chaos at this show. The owners of THRASHERS were not happy about our blatant disregard of "No Alcohol or Drugs" in the park. I remember a beer can getting wedged under my kick drum pedal forcing me to stop mid song. Dropping in the snake run bare footed between songs and everyone (mostly under aged) ignoring the owners telling us to get rid of the beers. I think some fire works were also involved. We were not asked to come back as was normal after we played most places. No Regrets!

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