Instagram post by @brightman_ Joe Brighty

Absolutely exhausted today, diet fatigue has well and truly crept in after 15 weeks of prepping 😴
So with that, I haven’t got much that I can be arsed to type about. Food is at its lowest yet, cardio at its highest 🤷🏼‍♂️ I’m utilising green vegetables (runner beans, asparagus, courgette, mangetout etc) more and more... and loving them to be fair. Amazing how good veg can taste with a bit of salt and pepper to the dieted bodybuilder 🤩 and yes, they’re all factored in my macros ✅
The next 3 weeks are gonna be an absolute grind but with the help of routine, motivation, a vision, cottage cheese, caffeine and my trusty green veg with salt and pepper I know I’ll make it through 🙏🏼
With that being said I can’t wait to face plant into some cakes and burgers post comp 🤣


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