Instagram post by @joettamaue Joetta Maue

Just #overwhelmed and #confused with questions of who I am as an #artist #photographer #human


  • 30w ago 7gardenangels 7gardenangels

    Just keep on it ! ❤️

  • 30w ago visionsofjohanna2 visionsofjohanna2

    Your an amazing strong beautiful artist , human , mom, wife and friend ... when can I take you out for tea 🍵? #xo Josie

  • 30w ago leenowellwilson leenowellwilson

    You and me every damn day. Let’s chalk it up as part of the process? At least you can always know, as human, as artist, as mother, you are a sustainer of life also every damn day

  • 30w ago joettamaue joettamaue

    @leenowellwilson every Damn day! You look like your Killin it though

  • 30w ago leenowellwilson leenowellwilson

    @joettamaue the mask of Instagram! Don’t let it fool you

  • 30w ago joettamaue joettamaue

    @leenowellwilson oh that mask I know it well 😉

  • 29w ago amy_shaw_stockman amy_shaw_stockman

    Who am I is a question that only those onus fortunate enough to have adequate food, water, shelter and safety ask. The rest of the world is just trying to survive until tomorrow. Let’s not stress and appreciate what we have

  • 29w ago joettamaue joettamaue

    @amy_shaw_stockman I actually think it is more universal not a question just of privilege. But as those who are privileged it is even more important to ask this as - how we contribute or don’t contribute to the world can make a difference if we move ourselves consistently in the right direction. The questioning creates the movement.

  • 29w ago joettamaue joettamaue

    I also think sharing these moments of self doubt creates connection - as so much of what we feel is not unique but shared

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