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This is the card I made my Mother for Mother’s Day. I love making cards for the people in my life! It takes longer than picking out a card from the store, but I enjoy thinking about the recipient as I’m making the card — their colors, their likes, etc.
When I sat down to make this card, I had a nebulous idea. I knew that I wanted to do flowers and foam adhesive and I figured the rest would come as I worked on it. And I’m thrilled with how it turned out! I love how something so simple — cut paper shapes and foam adhesive — combined to look so lush and full. 🙌
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  • 30w ago craftyhope craftyhope

    I made my mom and grandmother cards this year too. And, you're so right. Thinking about them while I made them rather than just picking out one from the store made it all the more special. (My mom's was covered in flowers too, but yours is much more involved - I just used an embossing folder and ink!)

  • 30w ago lawschool_bikerchick lawschool_bikerchick

    Did you always make cards as a kid? I totally did and I still do! Sometimes I think about buying a card and then I look at the price. .. 3 maybe even up to 6 bucks!!! And then I'm like- uh no, I can make one that's even better for free!!! When my grandpa died in 2003 he had a whole drawer full of cards I had made him for 20+ years.

  • 30w ago canadiannurseratchet canadiannurseratchet

    FabUlous! I have not purchased a card in years. But I have purchased a whackadoodle of treasures to make cards with🤣🤣🤣

  • 30w ago paigetaylorevans paigetaylorevans


  • 29w ago marnie3333 marnie3333

    It’s a keeper! Gorgeous layers and colors! 🌸🌼🌺

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