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Today was spent with my Squad! My son's, my god son, my nephew and of course my husband. There are a few more missing from this pic my daughter @immaniik my son @im_killn_fashion and @donfaeshon95m. Today my squad made me so proud to be a mother, I couldn't ask for better children. I pray every day that you all will be Godly, Successful, intelligent men and women. I know that there is greatness in ALL of you.
To The six thank you all for my beautiful Pandora charms and my shirts, I love them! I pray that you are as proud to have me as your mom as I am to be your mom. #whohasthismanykids #somanyboyandmen #onegirlinthebunch #idontbelieveiteither #imtheirsister #tooyoungforallthesekids #blessings #proudmoma


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