Instagram post by @kiira_korpi Kiira Korpi-Borges

As our honeymoon comes to an end I’m feeling deeply grateful to be married to this amazing human being and to be able to explore the world together. 👫
Our trip to Cambodia and Vietnam gave us much more than we expected.
We experienced many cultural and spiritual insights and connections with different people and nature. 🌿
We will never forget those countless genuine smiles and acts of unconditional kindness. 💞
The value and joy of doing good for others was strongly present everywhere we went. It made us humbly question how we could also impact more positively in this world. 🌏
We’re very thankful to have been able to live and share a dream-like “fairytale wedding” followed by a heartfelt honeymoon.✨
Let’s be kind and respectful to ourselves, others and the environment! You never know how significant influence your kindness can make. 🙏🏻 #honeymoon #reflections


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