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Legit question: So as far as I can figure out, Poshmark doesn’t have an “algorithm” in the traditional sense. Whoever shared their piece last has the top spot. So if I searched “blue Anthropologie shirt” it wouldn’t matter how many followers you had, how many new members you welcomed, how often you share other peoples closets. The only thing that matters is that YOU SHARED YOUR LISTING LAST. If this is true, then why bother with anything else other than listing and sharing your own products? All the rest is just a time suck, right? (And yes, I am aware that the more people you have following you the more people have you in their “feed” but honestly people don’t shop feeds, they shop search and the default sort feature is last shared.) #legitquestion #poshmarkquestion #resellercommunity


  • 13w ago newyorkthrifter newyorkthrifter

    @dailyrefinement I have actually stopped sorting by lowest price on Posh because of mislabeled brands. (ie “Lululemon for exposure”). But I agree that Google searches are awesome for new buyers finding specific pieces they are looking for! Still begs the question why do anything for someone else’s closet when you can spend that time in your own?

  • 13w ago luv.lo luv.lo

    I don’t know anything about the algorithm,but I personally don’t think people shop only by search on Poshmark. The way the app is designed with parties, likes etc., I feel like sometimes people do see cool things on their feed & purchase them. Maybe not always right away as they may like it come back & buy it payday or whatever. I could be completely wrong but some of the things I’ve sold I just don’t see someone putting in the search, again this is merely my opinion & I’m curious to read what other people think 😊

  • 13w ago thriftadventure_ thriftadventure_

    I think they do have an algorithm. For example, today I forgot to share my closet in the morning. Someone liked a pair of shoes I hadn’t shared today at all, and then randomly two different poshers shared JUST that item in my closet - Almost like it came up in their feed somehow and hey shared it. It wasn’t a new listing, and it wasn’t on top of my closet. This is anecdotal, obviously, but it happens often enough where it makes me think that the one person who liked my item sparked something in the algorithm.

  • 13w ago newyorkthrifter newyorkthrifter

    @marys_thrifting_world I get that.

  • 13w ago newyorkthrifter newyorkthrifter

    @luv.lo excellent points!

  • 13w ago newyorkthrifter newyorkthrifter

    @thriftadventure_ Hmmm... something to think about.

  • 13w ago princesspayless princesspayless

    There’s an entire FB devoted to cracking the algorithm - Poshmark Analytics. You have to go through a sort of trainer FB group first before she’ll let you in. It’s a no bs no advertising group really devoted to testing different theories.

  • 13w ago newyorkthrifter newyorkthrifter

    @princesspayless I know exactly the group you are talking about and I am a bit skeptical. If the Posh system sorts by last shared there is nothing to crack except...share a lot.

  • 13w ago myrediscoveredlife myrediscoveredlife

    @thriftadventure_ ive noticed this too. All of a sudden, one item will get shared by multiple people even if I haven't recently shared that item.

  • 13w ago lvthrifters lvthrifters

    i have sales from items that are not recently shared. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • 13w ago gigioscloset gigioscloset

    Not all sales are from searches, lots of people buy things they suddenly like on a whim. You want people to come to your closet and browse, that happens when you welcome people, when you share peoples closets and when you follow others. Works best when you share fresh closets vs other closets.

  • 13w ago yaznotyazzy yaznotyazzy

    I rarely purchase on Posh via search. It’s like something popped into my feed, then I search all the platforms for the best price.

  • 13w ago treasurehunter1963 treasurehunter1963

    whole bunch of sharing and following and much to do about nothing....I dont get it.

  • 13w ago rizner_vintage rizner_vintage

    I totally shop my feed.

  • 13w ago dailyrefinement dailyrefinement

    @newyorkthrifter ah, this is a great point. Also, following new people, “styling” into peoples’ closets, and “love notes” Does this type of activity give you any advantage? I personally love the fact that large stores don’t get unfair fee advantages(theoretically). On eBay, it’s nuts, final value fees are negotiable for large sellers. I’d guess that Poshmark makes more money when better sellers sell more(ie, faster shipping, lower defects). I’m also not sleeping on Mercari being a massive giant, they have the traffic and google rank as well.

  • 13w ago dailyrefinement dailyrefinement

    @marys_thrifting_world is this true? I thought only self shares alter the share rank.

  • 13w ago dailyrefinement dailyrefinement

    @princesspayless I tried zero sharing, and still had great results with just listing. I think the people who buy “randomly from feed” are the type of people who spend on cheap hype “cute” items. In the higher, more expensive categories, people shop by hunting versus randomly. *totally hypothetical, but I have worked and sold more expensive things in brick and mortar, and people know what they want. I’ve never had a higher quality buyer just randomly buy something shiny. They do some level of hw or know what they want before they come in.

  • 13w ago alanaflipsit alanaflipsit

    @dailyrefinement I thought the same as well. I'm pretty sure it's based off self shares only

  • 13w ago waretoweartowhere waretoweartowhere

    When I buy from Poshmark, as a guy, I use the search feature. Usually I look for slip-up deals, so I search by brand and go price low-to-high. If something catches my eye, like "oh, those Burberry sunglasses are cool!" I like the item. Most of the time, I forget they're liked, and they sell before I can get to them. I sometimes get them when the price drops. Other times, I see something by one brand and think "wow, that's really cool! I need to find a shirt like that!" And so I go through and look for descriptive terms rather than brand. For instance, if I'm looking for a rainbow printed graphic tee, I'm not gonna care if it's Anya Hindmarch or Faded Glory. I'm gonna look for a reputable brand, but at a low price point that I'd be comfortable spending relative to brand. If there's one by Calvin Klein and one by Moschino for $8 more, you better believe I'm going for Moschino because it's a similar style, but a better brand at a higher discount rate.

  • 13w ago sarahlank sarahlank

    @princesspayless Yes the 30 minute method, which was created over 2 years ago before Poshmark ambassador when anyone could be ambassador honestly. 30 minutes of work claims to make you $100 according to that method not really good business model.

  • 13w ago millennial.mouse millennial.mouse

    💯! Self-sharing is the only “algorithm”, imo. I think new listings gives is important too - bc you land in “fresh closets” or at the top of the news feed & people can click on your profile & it will highlight which listings are new. I think equal parts self-sharing & listing is the 🔑 to posh.

  • 13w ago selfstatement selfstatement

    I do think that sharing of my closet brings in sales.All other things mentioned would h help your Poshmark status @newyorkthrifter @dailyrefinement

  • 13w ago rosiesrecycles rosiesrecycles

    All I do is list and share my own listings and my sales are good. When I started out 3 years ago on Posh, I followed a lot of people and shared their closets and I’m not sure it helped.

  • 13w ago debtfreeb debtfreeb

    I could have a dry sales week but as soon as I list a few items everyday the sales will roll

  • 13w ago thrifting_wanderluster thrifting_wanderluster

    I’m sure you’re right! My husband works in a field studying things like this and I truly don’t do anything but share my listings. It sometimes makes me feel like a jerk... and if I see someone shared a lot of my listings and they’re new I do go and share there’s but otherwise sales are great and I only self share

  • 13w ago lawschoolthrifter lawschoolthrifter

    This is not an answer to your question, but it’s just something I noticed- My Posh items frequently show up in google search but not my eBay items. I honestly think many of my Posh sales come from searches that.

  • 13w ago princesspayless princesspayless

    @sarahlank right. Others bring various ideas and they’re tested by everyone, and the 30mm doesn’t really exist anymore.

  • 13w ago princesspayless princesspayless

    @newyorkthrifter if you dial down into brand, etc but just looking at the feed, it doesn’t go by that. I can tell you once I hit 100K followers I’ve had to do way less to make more sales. People have talked to Manish at posh fest and meet ups... they also were hiring people for analytics. He’s not a fashion person, he’s a software engineer by trade. This is why it’s lightyears ahead of eBay because it’s built to be easy where as eBay is a dinosaur that just keeps layering things on an archaic system. Every app has algorithms

  • 13w ago dealu_closet dealu_closet

    I had the exact same thought. I spent a whole month just sharing my closet many times a day and didn’t see an improvement in sales. Then I decided to try the 30 minute method and I can swear it works. My sales increased 50% from last month when I was only sharing.

  • 13w ago dane_vasquez_ dane_vasquez_

    @dailyrefinement I always sort by lowest price first 😂

  • 13w ago dailyrefinement dailyrefinement

    @lawschoolthrifter 100% agree with this

  • 13w ago thrifty_magnolia thrifty_magnolia

    I did similar to 30MM for a while when I was trying to get posh ambassador. Didn’t see any changes for me. I’m skeptical about the “community” features of posh. I think a lot of that is just to get more buzz for the app, not necessarily because it boosts sellers.

  • 13w ago bargaingoodness bargaingoodness

    I have sold several items to brand new posters after I shared their items.

  • 13w ago bargaingoodness bargaingoodness

    I also find it helps to share items from people closet if they might want my items. For instance I had a pair of size 5 Zara shoes. I couldn’t sell them, so I started sharing items from closets of those who were also selling size 5 shoes. I sold them in two days.

  • 13w ago weenlissa weenlissa

    @princesspayless It’s been eating at me to know the REAL truth! I’ve researched and combed and scoured. Hear all kinds of things in algorithms etc. and I still don’t know what to believe and HATE the thought of spending time on anything “pointless”! I’ve done a tone of trial and error and my only conclusion is to do a variety of things and list a lot. Something tells me it’s not strictly last item shared (or I wouldn’t mess with doing anything else). I will blast my entire closet out and only a few items get attention and it’s a string of them. Like how can so many people “like” one obscure, no name item? That only seems plausible if select items (at random) are actually getting visibility. I’ve been really busy and only did share and my sales plummeted, BUT there were other factors it’s hard to isolate a single thing that has an impact. I DO notice that some people are obviously using autoshare bot software and have killer sales and traffic...I love this thread and info!!!!!

  • 13w ago its_pam_ela its_pam_ela

    I get a lot of shares by always sharing something from each person who follows me or shares my stuff, but I notice the sales are only steady when im steadily listing

  • 13w ago lesliesresale lesliesresale

    I joined Poshmark a year ago & have consistent sales but I hate all the social aspects of it! So I typically just share my own closet once or maybe twice a day. I did try the 30 minute method for about 2 weeks and my sales improved on those weeks, so there must be something to be said about other activity 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • 13w ago phillyauctioneer2 phillyauctioneer2

    I've the method from the Poshmark Analytics group vs just constantly sharing my own listings. The latter always produces more sales for me with less work.

  • 13w ago marys_thrifting_world marys_thrifting_world

    @dailyrefinement dang it, yes true it only changes you to the top if it's a self share. So on my past I thought just price and sharing other and your own. Now I think its price and sharing your own. I'll have to experiment for a while and see if just doing these 2 will be enough or if posh favors sharing other too. But client wise just keeping your own on top and good pricing.

  • 12w ago stylesjustforu stylesjustforu

    I feel like the more I share items in the community, the more sales I have. Doesn’t matter how much I share my own.


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