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Repost @shantikelley 🙏🏻❤️ “Gratitude is a fire that melts away mundane consciousness.”
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In the flow of gratitude~ feeling deep beneath the waves being navigated on the surface~ Cittas vritti nirodaha~ letting the chatter go and breathing into essence~ feeling the call to step up and in to deeper alignment with inspiration~ truth~ connectivity~ love~ creativity + not drop down or step aside from personal integrity + necessary boundaries~ it’s always amazing to feel “a story” from the inside and have a Birdseye view simultaneously ~ full spectrum 3D 360 degree perspective~ and yet~ there is always a blind spot ~ to be clear~ always a space for mystery and ultimately surrender to the source~ ishvarapranidhana ~~~ 💚💦 and rippling mantra on each breath wave~ each wave of movement~ for peace inside and peace out~ no matter what is happening around~ finding that root and wellspring within~ @balimalas108 .
living yoga may sound “dreamy” ideal, even to some surreal~ I will say it’s not easy~ it’s the path where meeting and melting resistance with our choices on and off the mat is a daily renewal~ where building strength, integrity, and connectivity in body, mind, spirit and life ripples from the microcosm to the microcosm and back again in continuum~ shifting and changing to re-member that in building strength it’s also striving to be more like the bamboo and sway with the winds of change or to become more like the river, yes, contained by the bank of the riverbed, but to flow around and though obstacles in an unbroken stream~~~ to allow the fire to transform but not burn~ to circulate the winds for change but not create a tornado~ to create a container for balance~ to create space but not to disconnect from the roots that nourish us in love~ the choice is to stay committed to the continual initiations that arise with love at the center in peace~ whatever that means today~ Shanti means peace~ and also that “I shall not be provoked” @markwhitwell ~so with that awareness the commitment to walk the path that inspires to be clear, authentic, open, kind.."Kelley Doyle”
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    That message really, really resonated with me. I’ll have to re read the passage in the morning. I am so thankful for you sharing 🙏

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    This looks great!

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    This! 💜


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