Instagram post by @withcamera Julie Lavelle-Hutchings

I am gutted. My heart is broken for Scott and his family, friends and all of us fans. When he was announced this week as missing, every other thought I had was on hoping he was going to be found safe.
I am thankful for all the beauty Scott brought into this world, but it's far too soon for him to be gone. I've loved Frightened Rabbit from the moment I first heard one of their songs. Over the past ten or so years of being a fan, I've been lucky to see them live numerous times, with each one being as amazing as the last. I can't believe this is the end. Scott, I hope your suffering has come to an end, but we sure will miss you buddy.
When it's all gone
Something carries on
And it's not morbid at all
Just when nature's had enough of you

When my blood stops
Someone else's will have not
When my head rolls off
Someone else's will turn
And while I'm alive
I'll make tiny changes to earth

Photo from May 2010 #scotthutchison #frightenedrabbit


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