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The life of a street dog is a harsh one, but with a little care they too can live a safe and happy life.

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Howling street dog. Canada, 2014.
Jo-Anne McArthur/@hsi_canada


  • 31w ago tierverteidiger tierverteidiger

    from India. Know the plight of street animals all too well 😔Where in Canada is this picture from?

  • 31w ago nonhumanlawyer nonhumanlawyer

    Indeed, I learned about them in India and Nepal especially. When their surrounding human communities embrace them they can actually do quite well. And because they are not inbred for human whims, they can live upwards of 20 years! I think the drive to survive and navigate the challenges of life makes them more vigorous, more true to form, and happier. I would much rather take my chances as a “mutt” on the streets of Delhi than to be a penthouse pug in Manhattan.

  • 31w ago nexus6astur nexus6astur


  • 31w ago danielxferreira danielxferreira

    Help needed

  • 31w ago arilekari arilekari

    @vgan_tierverteidiger Most of them are up North in and around the reservations.. once a year some will be recused and or killed🙁☹

  • 31w ago tierverteidiger tierverteidiger

    @nefertariya I guessed it was from the region. I wanted to know where. My little one is from Iqaluit.

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