Instagram post by @drpunchman Matt Rasamoto

Another #selfportrait attempt. I am loving @prismacolor on @bee_paper right now. #drawing #sketch #pencil


  • 6w ago decrunkstruction decrunkstruction

    I know that guy

  • 6w ago curatorkaitlyn curatorkaitlyn

    Did you create this art? Are you interested in featuring your artwork on our 1340art instagram? For more info. Please click the link in our bio.

  • 6w ago drpunchman drpunchman

    @curatorkaitlyn ugh...

  • 6w ago yucaree yucaree

    I like this one a lot more—it looks like you! Also, ❤️ Prismacolor pencils!

  • 6w ago ayeshakhalid ayeshakhalid

    This one is really nice

  • 6w ago cporud cporud

    So. Much. Better.

  • 6w ago drpunchman drpunchman

    If I’m not volunteering at @gzaexpo I’ll be checking it out - June 9 & 10 in Anaheim CA - it will be awesome.

  • 6w ago coral_turd coral_turd

    That's you!!!!!! So good dude!

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