Instagram post by @jonasher Jon 🌐 Asher

👾⚡️⚡️VIRTUAL 🙏🏼 REALITY ⚡️⚡️👾


  • 27w ago dreamrare dreamrare

    That’s your from an alternate universe

  • 27w ago kiannamartinez kiannamartinez

    Your shirt is phenomenal, please keep that on a weekly rotation! 🙌🏽💜

  • 27w ago danielalfonsotv danielalfonsotv

    That shirt is sick 🤒

  • 27w ago cgoolsby23 cgoolsby23

    How do I get a cool shirt like that?

  • 26w ago l.a_rich l.a_rich

    check out my page for some good art content (music, drawing, visuals)

  • 22w ago omusicrecs omusicrecs

    Very cool

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