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Can that be a thing? I just made it one if it’s not 💁🏼‍♀️ I made these ingredients into a wrap and it was freaking delicious! Eating healthy DOES NOT HAVE TO BE BORING!
I forgot to take a picture of it because I was too excited to eat it on Saturday, but here are the ingredients. You can also swipe for the list in MFP!
For chicken I got a pre-roasted chicken from Walmart because I didn’t feel like cooking (yeah sometimes I’m lazy AF), but you could use chicken breast from the crockpot or chicken thighs 😊
For the wrap I really like these flat out wraps, but you could use any wrap/tortilla that your heart desires.

So, put your wrap out, put some cheese in the middle with your chicken and microwave to melt it. Then add your cooked center cut bacon! (I use center cut bc it’s lower in fat). In a separate bowl mix your lettuce and dressing and put that on top and roll it up.
Super simple and oh so freaking good 🤤

Little pro tip: after you cook your bacon, drain the grease from the pan and then throw your wrap on the pan with the remaining little grease to make it crispy, I also put the cheese on there so it would melt instead of microwaving the cheese😊

Macros are:
15c 24f 40p *for less fat you can just use chicken breast and omit bacon and use fat free cheese, but I’d keep the bacon if I were you 😉

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