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This still cracks me up. After a 3 AM “wrap” last year, we got dropped back off to the studio #basecamp and I had to do a double take from what I saw in this trailer 😂 at first I got scared and startled and then I realized what I was looking at 😂

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  • 10w ago stacytrulleyofficial stacytrulleyofficial

    Oh my goodness!!! Those were the best days! I truly miss Them!

  • 10w ago goodbieamy goodbieamy

    @stacytrulleyofficial We need to be on set again together. It would be a dream come true for me. Oh how I miss you and everything 💚🌸

  • 10w ago cindyshute cindyshute

    I LOOOOOVE THIS! What a gem❤️

  • 10w ago naomilmbit naomilmbit

    Ha! I’ll never forget the look on Oz’s face when they told him he’d be wearing a wig. He was told he’d be getting a buzz cut! But he took it like a champ... miss you guys! ⭐️❤️⭐️

  • 10w ago goodbieamy goodbieamy

    @cindyshute isn’t it great? I thought of you right away!

  • 10w ago goodbieamy goodbieamy

    @naomilmbit things we will never forget, lol, he was a great sport! Miss you guys a lot!

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