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SWAMP PRESS! New Terrorsaurs album 'Bandit Country' will be DOUBLE LP VINYL ONLY - no digital rip offs, no mp3 bullshit. Recorded WILD studios Hollywood - out late 2018.
Side 1- Six tracks from the 'One Night Only' album - first time on vinyl.
Side 2 - Six tracks from the'Swamp Beat' album - first time on vinyl.
Side 3 - Six new killer blues/jazz grinders -WILD Swamp experimentation.
Side 4- Six new savage rockers in the Swamp style you've come to love/hate/take a restraining order our against.
The ultimate Swamp release! It won't be cheap but it will be vital. 😈 #Terrorsaurs #Terrorsaurs #Terrorsaurs#'terrorsaursurf #wildrecords #wildrecordseurope #danielfunaki #rocknroll


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