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First throw yesterday landed this young Gt on the light outfit, always a pleasure to catch one.. especially in a commen venue!🎣
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  • 31w ago karvinchin karvinchin

    which model of the Horizon Zero is this? XL or XXL?

  • 31w ago blaynewareham blaynewareham

    @karvinchin it's just a sample rod

  • 31w ago duvan_van_breda duvan_van_breda

    Why's it blue?

  • 31w ago jarred_van jarred_van

    That colour would sell properly

  • 31w ago kobievanstaden kobievanstaden

    Its a new rod in the making and is gona be awesome , its a lighter outfit than the normal horizon XH and XXH this is more gona be like a Heavy to medium Heavy Horizon cant wait for it to hit the shelfs, love the new colour aswell

  • 31w ago terrafirmatackle terrafirmatackle

    Hell yea! Sweet fish

  • 27w ago evo3pod evo3pod

    🔝🔝🔝 ....

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