Instagram post by @justin__barnett Justin Barnett

Relaxing on the couch after a long day at work watching some 📺 then I get these snuggles from the dog!! It’s like she knows #BestCuddles #MekaDog #PitBull @pitbullsofinstagram @pitbullsofficial #BullyNation


  • 19w ago imthe1_f77c imthe1_f77c

    Loving the stache. Looking good buddy. Hopefully i get to see you in this life time again. Work is a whole new life... it sucks. Love yah buddy

  • 19w ago justin__barnett justin__barnett

    @imthe1_f77c thank big dog!! We need to, I can’t even remember the last time we hung out, surfed or even ran into each other. No shit, management takes your life away! Love yah droopy


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