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May is #mentalhealth awareness month. As someone who’s been struggling with depression and panic attacks (and been prescribed medication for both) for years, I think it’s important to re-consider how we view matters of emotional health. It can be especially hard, as a business leader, to admit that you need help & put yourself first. Watch me open up about my personal struggles in this spontaneous live chat. 💐


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    Yessss. I want see all you clothes

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    GREAT chat! thank you for sharing, both the jewelry and the mental awareness! ❤💛💚💙💜💖💗💕💞

  • 28w ago doedeere doedeere

    @mother_of_the_unicorns Cool name! 👍

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    @doedeere thank you, i love you ❤️

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    😍 so cute !!

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    hi goddess

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    I know that feeling hope you are ok lovely 😊 @doedeere

  • 28w ago georgia_jenkinson georgia_jenkinson

    I know that feeling hope you are ok lovely 😊 @doedeere

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    You are wonderful, thank you for the the endless inspiration 🌈

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    you’re an amazing leader Doe! We love and appreciate you so much! 💖

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    I agree vintage jewellery is more beautiful than modern jewellery. I’d rather a pair of vintage decorative marcasite earrings that plain diamond earrings. Also, thank you for speaking about your experience with mental health, and being positive about medication. This is so important in removing the stigma, and I think you’ll be helping a lot of people with your video.

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    Almost forgot, your fans know you’re a good person, and we’ve got your back❤️❤️❤️

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    Always been a loyal fan and look forward to getting to know you!

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    Yaay! Как раз недавно столкнулась с этим, и тоже общалась с людьми. Интересно послушать тебя, потому что ты отличный пример замечательной личности для меня♥

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    @doedeere what colors did you use to get your hair this color of red I want to do it just let me know so I can order them 😊😊😊

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    Pretty people with depression confuses the general public. Spread the word and be what nobody expects xo

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    Many of us have need medication to help us live our lives. I never thought I would need this kind of help but I did and now I feel ready to reduce the meds. We all need to be way more open on these issues. @doedeere 💝

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    Thank you so much for sharing! I'm now going through depression too and I know how hard is to share what one feels. And I also had doubts about taking medicine that doctor gave me. You have a big kind soul and open heart 🙏

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    @wildwestwilma Thank you for participating in the chat, pleasure to have you! 😊

  • 28w ago doedeere doedeere

    @criminal_alchemist Loved having you!! 😘

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    That's so beautiful

  • 28w ago doedeere doedeere

    @tawnyccool Specifically it confuses people who think that physical attractiveness = happiness. Happiness is an internal state of balance, it has nothing to do with the outside. Wishing us all to find that balance!

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    @angryveggie Awww good to see you on here!!

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    @doedeere awe Doe! Thanks for such a sweet comment to wake up to. ❤️ Thank you for talking about fun and important things! And with Solutions! You’re doing great things with your community talks, and have always done great things with the makeup! 🦄

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    So nice

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    @run_on_glucose I’ve been following Doe for years and I have observed her being good to her fans, supportive of her friends, advocating for body positivity, and promoting animal adoption for shelters. I know she has made mistakes in the past, but those were mistakes which she has actively tried to learn from.

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    Привет волшебная фея. Посмотри ,я написала твой портрет @art_olgamueller

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    you left nasty russia and moved to amazing usa and u telling me struggle from depression?

  • 8w ago iammartik iammartik

    @soontheycome Russia isn’t nasty. Every country has some good and bad to it. Also, people struggle from depression everywhere - it’s not something that you drop off on the border, you carry it like a baggage. Don’t invalidate someone’s experience like that.

  • 8w ago soontheycome soontheycome

    @iammartik yea sorry for that bad comment but i dont understand people who have normal life say they have depression. Go live in Africa or India for a week and well se were you depression will go ( Sorry just my opinion )

  • 8w ago iammartik iammartik

    @soontheycome I tend to think that it’s more of an inner issue - I know that there’s happy people in Africa in India and depressed people from other countries. You know, it’s a very complex issue to generalize it and I also think that different people have different level of sensitivity and other traits that can make it harder to deal with. It’s just very personal 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    @iammartik *and India

  • 8w ago soontheycome soontheycome

    @iammartik i agree. But tgere is also just lazy people who say leave e alone im in deppression.

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