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There really are no words to describe everything that lead up to this day, that scripture in Deuteronomy 1:6 that says you have stayed at that mountain long enough really comes to heart literally.
Just a quick recap to help you better understand that scripture and Toms journey... from passing out at home not being able to dress himself or walk from room to room to collapsing at Cleveland clinic and dying for 6 min while they tried to resuscitate him, luckily they gave him a bridge to transplant which was an LVAD device that pumped his blood and that gave him the time he needed while waiting for a heart and it was 1 week shy of 2 years with that device when we got the call 11:05 pm that they had the perfect heart literally... all of the markers that were needed for it to work were an exact match and they said that rarely happens!!!!!! So when I say that scripture has meaning it really does!!!!!! God was saying Tom you’ve struggled long enough on that mountain let’s replenish you and make you whole again
What the Lord and Rob has done for us we can never repay, we can only have tom live his best life cause that was Robs intention when he decided to be an unselfish man and becoming a donor 💚💚💚#donatelife #hearttransplant



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