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I've been asked by @theyouthassembly to take part in the @WorldBank 's #InheritPossibility campaign. Here's my story. I'm from the South Wales Valleys (a proud, industrial region); many of my family have formerly worked in coal mining or steelmaking. The decline in industry hit the region hard: the landscape recovered rather quickly, but the people are still not quite there yet. My mother trained as a dental nurse, and my father a graphic designer. I was born in 1999; I soon enough went to an incredible school. And in 2018, if all goes to plan, I should be the first in my immediate family to go to a Russell Group university to read history. It's a staggering honour: it's thanks in part to Welsh Government grants and support for Welsh students that I'm able to attend. Progress is slow, but we've come a long way from the days of the collieries: it's my hope that the region can begin to lead in the service sector. Opportunities now given to young people are incredible: this is intergenerational mobility in action!



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