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jumping into the weekend like... #TGIF


  • 24w ago mr.alexhurtado mr.alexhurtado

    You look so much like Nicole Curtis from rehab addict on hgtv right here I swear total doppelgänger

  • 24w ago eleanor_bennet eleanor_bennet

    😂😂 I love you! I swear, you're becoming my guru. An alcoholic, beautiful one 😂😍😘

  • 24w ago the_nntrepid1 the_nntrepid1

    Who knows what you’re doing but that’s a hilarious picture! Luv ya Linds! Stay sweet & Funny! ❤️❤️❤️

  • 24w ago mr.mrk86 mr.mrk86

    Yess you go girl

  • 24w ago jpedro25ferreira jpedro25ferreira


  • 24w ago lindseygort lindseygort

    @eleanor_bennet wait, your alcoholic guru? i think i am posting too many drink pictures

  • 24w ago eleanor_bennet eleanor_bennet

    @lindseygort didn't mean it in a bad way 😅 I love what you post and obviously don't mean you're an alcoholic. Sorry 😅😅😅

  • 24w ago lindseygort lindseygort

    @eleanor_bennet hahaha girl i totally knew you were joking :)) you’re so sweet!

  • 24w ago eleanor_bennet eleanor_bennet

    @lindseygort fiuuuu I was panicking 😂 YOU are the sweetest


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