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  • 20w ago gino_stf gino_stf

    Whoop whooooop

  • 20w ago q6j q6j

    Not very fresh at all

  • 20w ago willystilivin willystilivin

    These look like a mixture of the very first Newbalances/nikes/and shaqs that came out, had a turd fall out, and Kmart came in and said let's add a little bit of a faded color to them

  • 20w ago theeyeofdrew theeyeofdrew

    Slavery to overinflated trash brands is a choice👎🏾🗑 pick up some Yeezy’ too can look and act like you’re off your meds.

  • 19w ago tha_lost tha_lost

    #sunkenplace 4's

  • 19w ago shime_one_ shime_one_



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