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Since it’s #TBT I figured I would let y’all take a trip don’t memory lane....... Who knows this song?!?!? #Classic #RnB #SayersClub #Hollywood #MarquesAnthony #GoodTimes #YourNewFavorite #After7 #BabyFace


  • 3w ago remyredd_firstlady remyredd_firstlady

    Ok ok😍😍😍

  • 3w ago andretroutman andretroutman

    Nigga you the coldest 🤟🏾

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  • 3w ago marquesanthony marquesanthony

    @andretroutman thanks for that opportunity!! We need to do it again cause I have some original music I wanna do

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  • 3w ago rayerealla1814 rayerealla1814

    I never knew of you too recognize classic R&B & I've asked before and was told you're with only up-to-date R&B which is fine cuz I like some up to date R&B music mostly not all of it but that's what's up after 7 ready or not is a jam I need to stop hearing people out and listen for myself I'm definitely gonna look into your music a lot more ® 💯👌

  • 1w ago flavia.111 flavia.111


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