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Today is the 3 year anniversary of the jihad shooting at our free speech event in Garland, Texas. We stood in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo and we stood alone. In the wake of the shootout, the enemedia blamed us for standing up for free speech. Like blaming the rape victim for wearing a skirt. #jesuischarlie? Not so much. Sharia death penalty? The leftist Islamic alliance is all in. Three years later and it hasn’t gotten better. On the contrary, it’s gotten worse. Save for the election of @realdonaldtrump


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  • 36w ago 20handicapgolfer 20handicapgolfer

    federal bureau of islam 😡

  • 36w ago gunownerdan gunownerdan

    Thank you for proving why our second and first amendments are so important!

  • 36w ago dayna_priest dayna_priest

    Thank you for reminding us. It’s sad. But we have to stay strong and determined. MAGA , thanks to our President Trump.

  • 36w ago watkinsjb2001 watkinsjb2001

    Do another one!

  • 36w ago blessed_the_child blessed_the_child

    Kick them out

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    God bless the victims of that day.. we stand with you, with free speech & the western values we will defend.

  • 36w ago da_commander da_commander

    Muslims worship the crescent 🌙 moon 🌚 god from Babylon

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    Thank you @pamelageller for daring to speak the truth. Your new book Fatwa was awesome and everyone needs to read it.

  • 36w ago sragh_avan sragh_avan

    I actually supported and said good things about you but people like you think you're too far above to even reply or even have the decency to say thank you.

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    To hell will all of Islam!

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  • 36w ago pioneerprepared pioneerprepared

    Do another one, let me know and I’ll stand guard with multiple others on my team

  • 36w ago andrew_probert andrew_probert

    Keep pushing for awareness, Pamela. People keep telling me how nice their muslim friends are - not understanding ‘social jihad’, so we all need to hear more about that,... about the islamic Trojan Horse-

  • 36w ago dizzle.don dizzle.don

    Texan LEOs gave those jihadis a one way ticket to judgement. Kudos to Texan LEOs for protecting the innocent and free speech.

  • 36w ago haneykirk haneykirk

    I thought gary sinse bought the jihad bomb head print?

  • 36w ago billiam62 billiam62

    Each city needs an Islamic Art exhibition/Competition: Retrospective Portraiture of Mohammed Ibn Abdullah & Companions - Composition of Color and Light.

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