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  • 37w ago jelypapa jelypapa

    Haven't read atlas, but 'the fountainhead' is my favorite book of all time

  • 37w ago jelypapa jelypapa

    Ayn rand the genius

  • 37w ago yochannanstone yochannanstone

    Just picked up a copy at the library sale here. Never even been opened... One dollar

  • 37w ago donald.kuss donald.kuss

    Love all her books !

  • 37w ago sailorboy66 sailorboy66


  • 37w ago oldbrownshoe59 oldbrownshoe59

    I love her books too

  • 37w ago 32azwyo 32azwyo

    It worked for me and bought it for my daughters , loved it

  • 37w ago iamawinningwoman iamawinningwoman

    It's awesome and I got the DVD special addition #atlasshrugged

  • 37w ago cjpola cjpola

    My favourite book 📚

  • 37w ago bgjohnson0 bgjohnson0

    Thanks for 'ultra-timely' 'Reminder to read, or re-read, Ayn Rand...AND your books, Pamela! Grateful for your Courage, as well! Prayers over you, for your continued Safety..

  • 24w ago jackclark4492 jackclark4492

    Excellent read, and exactly what is happening today.

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