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Please don’t get complacent about your life! There’s a difference between being relaxed on the couch after work in your pyjamas and being relaxed about life. ☺
By all means #relax with #friends and stop caring about who wins the next season of #TheBachelor - Stop caring about whether or not your #skinnyjeans actually make you look #skinny – BUT just don’t stop caring about your life. Don’t lose that enthusiasm, energy and drive to get up and #giveashit about the world around you. 🌎
I’m so grateful to have been given a second and a third chance to live and nothing saddens me more than to see #perfectly #healthy people merely existing and meandering through the day without any passion for life. 😒
That doesn’t mean you have to go to university and become a rocket scientist for you to 'be something' but it does mean we all have to stop taking our precious life for granted. 💙 When I had every bit of independence taken away from me and couldn’t even blow my own nose, I swore to myself that if I ever got some of that independence back I wasn’t going to waste it. 💜
My life isn’t perfect and neither am I but I’m so grateful for the people in it – including you for reading this. Have a beautiful day 😘 xx .
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