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love how people hardly take hints when someone says they're feeling depressed or casually says "i wanna die, i'm gonna kill myself" they go like "omg me too" or like "haha same" this is some serious shit that you should spread awareness about, not mock it and say it outta the blue.


  • 28w ago justinbiebers justinbiebers

    um this happened to me specifically this girl hugged me and I told her I'm depressed and she kinda chuckled and said "me too" I could tell she was mocking it

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  • 28w ago armoragainstwonder armoragainstwonder

    someone knocked me down and said triggering shit to me and took away the person I love, by showing them only my reaction, when I was like.. really weakened and trying to heal. that was sweet. this ableist shit gets seen eventually.

  • 28w ago janess_xoxo1 janess_xoxo1

    I see but u know yr the man thats holds my heart

  • 28w ago janess_xoxo1 janess_xoxo1

    Ok well hm idk but im a bit sleepy and want to take a hot shower then watch the rest of that movie too the greatest showman babe yeah

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