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we put bill away and let this predator sex fiend be our prez even b4 we vote it him in we new he was sad world we liveing in today fuck you kanye west


  • 32w ago street_evil_vandal street_evil_vandal

    @gettouched__ whats the difference ?

  • 32w ago dynamo057 dynamo057

    This is how I get my news... Also, fuck you Kanye

  • 32w ago richardmartinez2292 richardmartinez2292

    Right on point

  • 32w ago richardmartinez2292 richardmartinez2292

    The rich gets richer

  • 32w ago street_evil_vandal street_evil_vandal

    @gettouched__ what u waiting for

  • 32w ago street_evil_vandal street_evil_vandal

    @gettouched__ and you a dick head

  • 32w ago street_evil_vandal street_evil_vandal

    @gettouched__ mad 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 32w ago street_evil_vandal street_evil_vandal

    @gettouched__ fuck you and trump

  • 32w ago _aragona _aragona

    How many women have pressed charges against trump for Rape , and drugging them and assault ? Cause I'm pretty sure non, and he's never been indicted . Not a fan of either , but Bill Cosby raped unconscious women for years . Big difference between that and having Sex with a willing partner or just talking about grabbing a vagina.... Which is not a crime. It's not a RACE THING ITS A RAPE THING. They both suck anyways

  • 32w ago vaestar365 vaestar365


  • 32w ago menas24711 menas24711

    Trump is trash.. however. He never raped anyone ever. Accusing someone of accusing someone of being a shitty person is completely different lol

  • 32w ago werdone666 werdone666

    Trump has been accused if sexual assault by multiple women.i don't know why none of you seen to know this. FUCK Trump.

  • 32w ago santo_09011990 santo_09011990

    Don’t throw Kanye under the bus. He’s in a sunken place.

  • 32w ago slickstreets slickstreets

    what'd kanye do. co signed trump or something? he hasn't made good music for a while, but he's def gone crazy in the head this past year or 2

  • 32w ago loepesci loepesci

    Bill clinton?

  • 32w ago getup1 getup1

    @menas24711 but he’s has dozens of sexual assault charges, none brought to court yet👎🏾

  • 32w ago krazeebonix krazeebonix

    Shit is different

  • 32w ago nanny4real nanny4real


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