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Dropped by to say hi to Liz!


  • 16w ago e_falcs e_falcs

    Such a beautiful day!!! Hopefully the sun stays ☀️

  • 16w ago zippyliver1 zippyliver1

    Please send us a pick of the baby if you go past Kensington palace x

  • 16w ago jessamecoulson85 jessamecoulson85

    You guys in london?

  • 16w ago megajule megajule

    Looks like your having a great time

  • 16w ago lisaberson lisaberson

    @zippyliver1 little Louis was not available for interviews hehe 😂

  • 16w ago lisaberson lisaberson

    @jessamecoulson85 hi yes we are - leaving early next week- hope you are well

  • 16w ago lisaberson lisaberson

    @megajule having a great time - our first overseas holiday in 3 years - enjoying the break from reality - hope you are travelling ok

  • 16w ago jessamecoulson85 jessamecoulson85

    @lisaberson oh I'm in london this weekend. On my course though!! Have a fab time. Where else are you heading?


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