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Proper Refeeds can definitely play a part in successful dieting. There is a method to the madness though! They must be precise, controlled & strategic. πŸ”…
πŸ’ŽThe Science: Refeeds are a powerful way to promote consistent weight loss without many of the negative side effects that go along with dieting. Prolonged calorie restriction can lead to many problems that affect your metabolism and make it harder for you to lose weight. πŸ”…
πŸ’ŽBenefits of Refeeds
β€’ Increased Thyroid Function – refeeds produce prompt recovery of thyroid hormone (T3) after prolonged calorie restriction.
β€’ Controlled Hunger – refeeds can boost levels of leptin, which in return will control feelings of hunger.
β€’ Maximized Glycogen Stores – improved insulin sensitivity from calorie restriction leads to a greater capacity for muscles to store glycogen during refeeds. The extra carbs are more likely to be stored as glycogen instead of fat.
β€’ Improved Testosterone Levels – testosterone levels are drastically reduced with prolonged energy deficits of 1,000 calories/day. Refeeds cause a quick recovery of testosterone.
At about #7weeksout I decided it was time for @rina_mckinleyfit to get in a 24-48 Refeed. Her carbs, protein & fats were all changed DRASTICALLY & she sent photos first thing in the mornings so that I could decide whether we would continue into the second day. After this mornings photos our 48 hour Refeed was a great success! After the scale not budging for weeks she immediately dropped a pound even though her calories bumped from 1550-2250 or as she says "I was shocked. I was like HOW I ATE MY WEIGHT IN PANCAKES??" πŸ˜‚. She came in looking much harder, muscles full & popping which is exact what we want for show day! Now her cravings should be in check & mentally she got to let go of some limitations & have fun with it! I love science πŸ€“
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    I ate sooooo much food and it was great. Water buffalo was pleased

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