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Nothing says “So Cal” more than leaving San Diego, where I live 5 min from an outdoor waterpark, and driving two hours north to stay @greatwolflodge, which has an indoor waterpark. Had a blast though! #socalproblems #lazyriver #lazyparenting #sandiego #chulavista


  • 24w ago mrs.bizzle mrs.bizzle

    Love our fun times!! That bowling tho 😂😂

  • 24w ago pauldabarber pauldabarber

    Love it!!

  • 24w ago tiff.fay tiff.fay

    But no sunburns!! 🙏🤗 our kids love this place!

  • 24w ago bvandy7777 bvandy7777

    Geez i thought the only thing Virginia had on u was an indoor water park... welp it’s official, there’s nothing for y’all here hahaha


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