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£8 for a medium salad in a busy restaurant in queens park and it was not even made on the premesis. "IT WAS READY MADE" no love! Absolutely disgusted 😡 Just to think under a £1 more and I can tailor make your meals #foodporn #fooddelivery #queenspark #queensparkmums #eatgoodfeelgood #eatingout


  • 29w ago curvatiousnishnish curvatiousnishnish

    @noyofood could not agree more honey... You go girl

  • 29w ago lianalash lianalash

    I can vouch for that . Saw it with my own eyes . We won't make and shame you "cafe in queens park". #ripoff could put up with the price if it was nice . .. Well, we know what to do ... order #noyo people! 🍆🥑🥜🍅🥒🍄🍳🍢🍠🥚🍽🔪

  • 29w ago lianalash lianalash

    ^NANE and shame you .... I meant to write 🔝

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