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Nav - Reckless Rant Review
-Best Tracks: Reckless, Champion ft. [Travis Scott]
-Worst Tracks: Faith ft. [Quavo], Wanted You ft. [Lil Uzi Vert], Eat ft. [Gunna], What I Need
-Nav is a Canadian rapper who released 2 mixtapes last year: “Nav” and “Perfect Timing” with Metro Boomin. He is also signed to The Weeknd’s XO label. So I put both of Nav’s mixtapes last year in my top 5 worst projects I heard. Mainly because he has an annoying voice, generic flow, and doesnt have no versatility at all. And the beats he chooses are trash. This mixtape is an improvement, but only from the production standpoint. Nav gets more introspective, but his lyrics is baby shit. Sometimes I question how is he even famous. And the features dont really help that much. His flow is the same and the autotune is still annoying. If you really want to know how I felt, just listen to it. Nav doesnt deserve an explaination.
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