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reason number 16, #nyrr races give out cool shirts that actually fit and aren't oversized! anyway, ready for a #sexy #wet #run at the #popularbkhalf with #nyrr @nyrr #uniqlo #dexshell #runner #runnersofinstagram #running #brooklyn


  • 34w ago lifeasreshma lifeasreshma

    Why is there tape on your shoes?

  • 34w ago yo_its_willw yo_its_willw

    Wait what are the first 15 reasons?

  • 34w ago tiffaytam tiffaytam

    Congrats! Does the duck tape thing work? I wanted to do it but didn’t want to ruin my shoes

  • 34w ago drunkendrag0n drunkendrag0n

    @lifeasreshma can't afford new shoes 😂 and also to keep the shoes dry as long as possible in the rain...

  • 34w ago drunkendrag0n drunkendrag0n

    @tiffaytam thanks, congrats to you as well! unfortunately no 😫 about a mile in they both flew off! actually not even sure when the left one fell off, but noticed the right and when I looked down both were gone! 😂

  • 34w ago tiffaytam tiffaytam

    @drunkendrag0n ahhahahaha. I remember seeing a company make running shoe covers like this. If I see it again I’ll tag you

  • 34w ago drunkendrag0n drunkendrag0n

    @tiffaytam please do, but here's hoping there won't be any more rainy days! 🌞

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