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Sharing photos on the blog of the kids’ shared bedroom space! I had meant to post about this bedroom when I shared several other rooms in our apartment last fall, but then I got pregnant and sick, and 9 months later, still tackling a to-do list from last October. ;) Anyway, obviously each family and home situation is different, and based on a lot of comments I get about my kids sharing a space, I realize some people think we are straight up crazy to do this, but I shared a room with at least one of my sisters for almost all of my childhood and teenage years, even when our home had extra bedrooms and I think it was really good for us siblings growing up. It’s been really great for our own children as well so far and for now, it works for us! There are plenty more photos and words about our set up over on my blog, link in profile to read. #kidsbedroom #nycliving #nycapartments


  • 18w ago nihaonewyork nihaonewyork

    I couldn't agree more! I get so much flak for choosing to raise my child in the city in such a tight space but I shared a room with my sister growing up and don't think I ever felt like I was missing out (until I got much older anyways!). Thank you for showing everyone how awesome city living can be 🙌🏼

  • 18w ago denise_plant denise_plant

    My three kids have had shared rooms (even shared beds at times) for their whole lives #oldhomeliving . We just bought a house #plantsbeast where each can have their own room and it is terribly bittersweet! Do what you gotta do! ❤️

  • 18w ago ericarenebrown ericarenebrown

    They are adorable!! Great photo

  • 17w ago mauryqh mauryqh

    Even when my kids have their own rooms, they want to sleep in the same room anyway!

  • 17w ago meghanthepagan meghanthepagan

    We have a very large house, and two of our children share a room (4 kids, 5 bedrooms). I think it’s a wonderful experience for kiddos. Love the room ❤️

  • 17w ago aliciadelros aliciadelros

    @silkev1701 es sind also gar nicht mehr Schlafzimmer als bei euch 😬

  • 17w ago kimmykeith kimmykeith

    Our three girls share a bedroom! Right there with ya! 👍🏼💪🏼👊🏼💃🏻

  • 17w ago thegoodlifediaries thegoodlifediaries

    Conrad has the top bunk? How did you transition him to that?

  • 17w ago husetihavet husetihavet


  • 17w ago

    Yo compartí siempre con mis hermanas y ha sido maravilloso, ahora cuando visitamos a mis padres los fines de semana a veces dormimos en nuestra habitacion de niñas!

  • 17w ago chels_holland chels_holland

    I love it, I’ve got five and they all share a room🤷🏼‍♀️

  • 17w ago wanderonwhit wanderonwhit

    We have E’s bed for our 4 year old son in black and LOVE it! Such a classic, solid bed.

  • 17w ago wanderonwhit wanderonwhit

    AND I shared a room with my 3 sisters until I was 15 🙈 despite begging to move into the extra bedroom. Was it good for my social life? NO. But I sure love and know my sisters now 💛

  • 17w ago swar7 swar7

    I shared a room with my middle sister for my entire childhood. Even as adults, when we both go home, we still share a room. Builds skills, a sibling closeness and the best stories for adulthood! Do what works for your family @taza @tiesandfries 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • 17w ago pilgrimstopancakes pilgrimstopancakes

    My sister and I grew up sharing a room till I graduated from high school!! A great experience bonding and prepping for college roommates!

  • 17w ago uhlizuhhbeth uhlizuhhbeth

    Where’s the bedside table from ?

  • 17w ago annywc annywc

    I shared room with my sister until our 20s and it has been the best thing ever! We have shared so many nights talking for hours and hours. I dont see anything wrong with shared room with your sibblings! Maybe not with boys but that can be change as they get older. 😉😉😉

  • 17w ago ampagana ampagana

    @taza love the rug😍 have you experienced much shedding with it so far?

  • 17w ago maryastravels maryastravels

    I LOVED sharing a room with my sister 💕

  • 17w ago bluebirdkisses bluebirdkisses

    I shared a space with my brother until high school and I agree. I think each kid getting their own room is overrated. We chose to live downtown toronto in a small house with one bathroom and a lot of people think we are crazy too...but the joke is on them. I’ll take experiences over space.

  • 17w ago teeparty2u teeparty2u

    My kids share because it's fun for them and I want them to have the company at night while they are little. Love this space

  • 16w ago littlehiccups littlehiccups

    I love it! My three girls share a room too. We also have bunk beds and a junior bed. I wish it looked this organized though!

  • 16w ago coldcupoftea coldcupoftea

    Kids should share rooms. Unless they live alone their whole adult life then they will be sharing with college roommates and then future partners. Bravo 👏🏻👏🏻 also living in a smaller footprint is one of the most responsible choices a person can make. 😘😘

  • 16w ago jellykatz jellykatz

    I tell people that I have shared a room my entire life... I shared with a combo of my sister and brother up until my twenties. Now I share with my husband, and occasionally one of my kids.
    Congrats on the twins. I am a twin mom too. Fun fun.

  • 16w ago jessidee1 jessidee1

    This made me think of you... ps this chick is a rockstar! @kristenborlando

  • 16w ago kristenborlando kristenborlando

    @jessidee1 super cute! I want a bunk bed to sleep in!!

  • 16w ago shogerr shogerr

    I shared a room with my sister and brother for the whole childhood and teenage years🙃

  • 16w ago githa_singh githa_singh

    Congrats on the beauty! Can you tell me where you got the space spicker?

  • 16w ago mamaayanna mamaayanna

    Our kids still share too

  • 16w ago mamaayanna mamaayanna

    And the room is gorgeous ! Who would not want to share such beauty ?

  • 16w ago photojennic photojennic

    My boys have always shared too, even when we had extra rooms. They actually wanted to.

  • 16w ago naszeeha naszeeha


  • 15w ago pauline287 pauline287

    @jessmcsherry tazaaaaa

  • 12w ago romeyru romeyru

    I love that they have a shared space. We are currently selling our home and embarking on condo living in the city. I was wondering if you had any advice for noisy kids and neighbors? The pitter patter of feet, loud giggles while playing and even crying. I’d love to hear your tips!

  • 11w ago souwah souwah

    @saphoto I love this

  • 10w ago officialsophiatorres officialsophiatorres

    @carymotta olha que legal todos dormem juntos serio o próximo vai ser 2 quartos só . Isso de 3 quartos sai muito caro

  • 4w ago jobrady01 jobrady01

    @coralbeau this blog might be a good read fitting the team in 👍

  • 4w ago coralbeau coralbeau

    @jobrady01 thanks ❤️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • 4w ago ae_ashton ae_ashton

    So cute!!!


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