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  • 4w ago wwerules25 wwerules25

    @nun_explanation because he is better than the other superstars

  • 4w ago maazpathan.99 maazpathan.99

    @mohdhamid7613 tu ja re...

  • 4w ago savelikesaivon._._ savelikesaivon._._

    Main events 4 wrestlemanias he did better then Dean and seth

  • 4w ago my.sin.your.end.22 my.sin.your.end.22

    @tonyeisnerart don't call me a kid okay I'm 22 years old show me respect or get knocked out.

  • 4w ago tonyeisnerart tonyeisnerart

    @my.sin.your.end.22 kid, I'm the same age as you, only difference is I actually act like it. Think for a second before you try to act tough

  • 4w ago i.hei.yoo.i i.hei.yoo.i

    @singhveerain first of all roman has been wrestling for *over* 5 years ,did you forgot his time at FCW and NXT ??? ,and second of all he said that seth doesn't compare with roman ,not AJ ,so you should talk about seth first years not AJs

  • 4w ago baler_a baler_a

    It’s not Roman’s fault for the way he’s booked

  • 4w ago ichbinuus ichbinuus

    @saamay_saarib First of all Roman is one of the best too. And secondly which AJ's match do you think has the main event potential? Don't say AJ vs Nakamura bc that was a dumb match. AJ has earned more than enough in these 2-3 years but Roman hasn't, he always had a short title Reign

  • 4w ago singhveerain singhveerain

    @i.hei.yoo.i first of all i was talking about the main roster ... Aj on the main roster for 5 years and Roman on the main roster for 5 years.... But when seth was on the main roster for 5 years he's had only 1 singles matches on a ppv ... Right niw seth has the wrestling experience of 11 years .... And right now he's great

  • 4w ago singhveerain singhveerain

    @i.hei.yoo.i if we wanna compare roman and seth you'll have to wait 6 more years .... And why aren't we talking about aj and roman.... Right now aj is fucking great ... But back when aj was in this business for 5 years ... Comparing stats with roman , Roman's stats are still better .... Now year ... Obviously right aj styles is obviously better than Roman but I'm talking about when aj styles had an experience of 5 years

  • 4w ago jayenache85 jayenache85

    @b_c_2000 But he's accomplished more than Dolph has in a shorter amount of time

  • 4w ago i.hei.yoo.i i.hei.yoo.i

    @singhveerain than you comparison is totally unfair and totally wrong ,because there is no such thing as "main roster" in the indys so you can't really tell when to star comparing the two unless you see their hole carerrs from the beginning ,and AJ began his in 1998 so he basically has been in the busness for 20 years ,and roman hasn't been for 10 years ,and look at AJ accomplished at many promotions ,and if you look at his match raiting from 2002 (4 years in the busness) to 2005 you will see that only 6 machs had less than 3 stars ,and in 2005 AJ got a 5 star match that maid people talk about TNA ,where is roman 5 star match??? ,i haven't seen any ,he is wrestling since 2010 (at least) when AJ was at the same stage of his carerr he entertained us mush more ,and keep in mind that at the time wwf/wwe was at it prime ,so it was so hard to do it in other promotions

  • 4w ago i.hei.yoo.i i.hei.yoo.i

    @singhveerain and i don't take any thing from roman ,he is hard work guy however it so soon for him ,i mean the wwe is pushing him so far to fast ,look at AJ for example ,he didn't always main event but he always steals the show ,and although his ring ability is fantastic from the beginning ,up until 2008/2009 his mike skills wasn't that good so he improved in that before main eventing in TNA NJPW ROH among others before finally getting a deal with wwe ,i mean if wwe waited long enough and put a real effort on roman while push him little bit at a time they would have the fans by his side now and want him to be the top guy badly ,i mean they should saw that from 2015 when he won the RR and fans booed the hell out of him to the point that the rock had to come out to get things butter but got booed too ,so in my opinion ,wwe shouldn't pushed roman after WM 31 ,especially with that "against the authority" story ,from that point fans just couldn't expect him

  • 4w ago singhveerain singhveerain

    @i.hei.yoo.i first of all ... From main roster i meant the main roster of TNA , that does mean the top guys .... He was doing PPV matches from 2002 ... Till 2007 he had pretty bad matches and good ones too ... And now talking about 5 stars... Even seth doesn't have a 5 star match neither does daniel bryan .... and yeah AJ styles is pretty great ...still AJ styles 5 star match included guys like samoa joe and Christopher Daniels .... And yeah i agree wwe hasn't booked reings.... They didn't fucking build him unlike seth rollins... They gave seth the money in the bank and then everything .... They didn't fucking put efforts in reings

  • 4w ago singhveerain singhveerain

    @i.hei.yoo.i And Roman was booed because we all wanted daniel bryan ... Even i booed not because of what reings was but because they didn't put daniel bryan over ... The same happened with batista in 2014 and same happened in 2015 but wwe didn't learn their lesson ....

  • 4w ago i.hei.yoo.i i.hei.yoo.i

    @singhveerain i mean if AJ has 5 star match in his 4th year at TNA that means he is that damn good and yes he had great guys in the match but you say it like romah only wrestles shitty wrestles and jobbers ,i mean for the past 2 years he has olny wrestled the best and if we talk about bad times ,look at roman last 2 PPV matchs GRR and BL both are under 2 stars because wwe is stupid enough to throw his mega push away ,and if you look we are compareing roman right now with AJ 15 years ago which bring me to my point from the beginning which is *that you can't compare AJ right now with roman right now because they are basically on a different level and on a different stage of their carerr*

  • 4w ago singhveerain singhveerain

    @i.hei.yoo.i yeah i said that too that the present is obviously better than the present roman ... But the aj styles 10 years back and Roman at present ... I'll choose roman ... Roman Reigns booking is soo bad ... Yeah his past two ppv matches were shitty ... Agreed !!! But Roman is a good wrestler... He's the only one who gave big show his first 4 star match... He's the only guy who gave braun strowman his first 4 star match

  • 4w ago i.hei.yoo.i i.hei.yoo.i

    @singhveerain and yes i know that and agree to it ,but Batista recovered because he is dave freakin Batista ,he has been in the wwe long enough so the fans forget to boo him after that moment past ,i mean people still talk about RR 2015 while forgotten about 2014 and that basically because wwe booking after RR 2014 was good and let to bryan defeating triple h and orton /Batista at the same night to become WWE world heavyweight champion ,and yes RR 2015 led to seth amazing cash in ,but the real problem was with roman push on the rest of the year ,and his fued with vince / triple h was way way to soon for him ,and fans just couldn't accept him for those little reasons

  • 4w ago singhveerain singhveerain

    @i.hei.yoo.i yupp ... It's so bad to see such things ... I means wwe could have easily waited for 3-4 years more ... But Vince being vince he ruined it ... He ruined Daniel bryan ... He ruined finn balor .. he ruined roman ... He fucking ruined the wwe

  • 4w ago b_c_2000 b_c_2000

    @jayenache85 no he hasn't- KO has only been a 3 time US champ, 2 time IC champ and a 1 time Universal champion

  • 4w ago _el_hombre_del_equipo _el_hombre_del_equipo

    Roman is actually better than dolph, dolph had a good run after between 2011-2015 now hes just kinda there. Not his fault tho, proper booking and he could be a high mid carder bt roman is still better just needs work and less title opportunities for now

  • 4w ago elkhnabil elkhnabil

    Dolph is a 2 times whc

  • 4w ago saamay_saarib saamay_saarib

    @ichbinuus 😂😂😂😂

  • 4w ago ali_toufeeqe ali_toufeeqe

    Roman is better from other wrestlers

  • 4w ago saamay_saarib saamay_saarib

    @ichbinuus Wrestling became awful when guys like you started watching hai

  • 4w ago saamay_saarib saamay_saarib

    @ichbinuus You R another salty Roman Fan with a Dumbass Comment...... Dont know why Indians are so obssesed with Roman......Romans 99 % fan base is in India, that means ,90 % Indian Wrestling Fans are Dumb

  • 4w ago jayenache85 jayenache85

    @b_c_2000 so KO hasn't accomplished more than Dolph in a shorter amount of time?? Because he has......also NXT champion

  • 4w ago jayenache85 jayenache85

    @_wweforever_ Brock is a one trick pony

  • 4w ago ichbinuus ichbinuus

    @saamay_saarib first of all I'm not not his fan. I'm just against those people who hate Roman for no reason. No matter he win or loose, beat up or get beaten up, you guys will always boo him. Maybe you even don't know what will make him over. So this makes you guys dumb!

  • 4w ago ichbinuus ichbinuus

    @saamay_saarib and what makes my comment dumb? Just ans my question that which AJ match you think had the main event potential? And in the last 4 yrs which match do you think could have been the main event? Brother, wrestling is becoming awful bc you "Americans" will always cheer Seth, AJ and Braun no matter what they do in the ring

  • 4w ago ichbinuus ichbinuus

    @saamay_saarib I just saw that you're Indian too

  • 4w ago kabieski_zyle kabieski_zyle

    @singhveerain if you want to look at it that way, roman has not had any 5 star matches and what matches of romans are you watching, his matches are the same everytime and he is always up for the title, i like roman but couple years ago, you had edge, john, randy, undertaker, mysterio, cm punk, jeff hardy, shawn michaels, triple h, as soon as one lost the title he wasn't in line for it again, now its just roman, he loses at a paperview, next paperview he has another title shot, its beat

  • 4w ago singhveerain singhveerain

    @zky1e first of all talking about 5 star matches ... Seth Rollins doesn't have a 5 star match neither does daniel bryan !!! Talking about matches being same .... Here's the every wrestler has a particular set of moves ... Seth has falcon arrow , curbstomp , flying knee, suicide dive , frog splash ... His every match is ... Just because he's a high flyer people tend to like him.....roman has spear , drive by , superman punch, big boot , samoan drop , suicide dive , powerbomp ... Just because Roman is a brawler people don't like his move set .... Now talking about him being in the title picture ... His fued with brock lesner is a mistake of WWE's creative team .... His every other title fued was pretty amazing .... Miz for intercontinental , dean and seth for world , rusev for united states championship .... It was last 2016 that he won a real title and after that he won in 2018 ( ending 2017) .... Still you are complaining like a whinny kid ...

  • 4w ago seanschillingpdc seanschillingpdc

    @baler_a agreed but you can go to creative and talk to them about your story line. Instead of jobbing to Lesnar and stealing WM Main events maybe he should take less story lines. I would rather win a mid card match at Mania then lose the Main Event where you’ve Main evented 4 straight. Romans greed and pride is also to blame

  • 4w ago leonardcardell leonardcardell

    ...but dolf zigler's a fucking dink...

  • 4w ago mayank99patwal mayank99patwal

    Seth and Dean did the same so shut the fuck up

  • 4w ago hasaan.ali786 hasaan.ali786

    The difference is they've actually had a wrestling career before wwe to earn their spot, what does Reigns have apart from wwe?

  • 4w ago hasaan.ali786 hasaan.ali786

    @wwerules25 Seth should be the top guy, he's over and consistently puts on great matches...even with MOJO

  • 3w ago samiebertz samiebertz

    5, 6 years Rollins and Ambrose were world champions and won all championships and a lot of accomplishments, so stop riding on Roman's dick

  • 2w ago breakthe712code breakthe712code

    Dolph 2x time Whc cham

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