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Been a lonnnng time coming. 🎶🎤🦋 After being in a place that silenced my creativity for so many years, fear layered itself over my unique voice and I forgot who I was. The past 18 months I’ve been processing some deep trauma, which has led to intense anxiety and depression. As I’ve been brave and dug deep and faced pain and talked things through with my psychologist, its opened my eyes to so many things. We actually have the power and ability to choose what we believe, to be bold and have our own opinions, to have a voice, to think for ourselves and to flourish in our unique passions. 🍃 If you’re in a place where fear is folding you back, don’t just say “fear is a liar” and try push through and ignore it, it’s there for a reason. Our bodies are so amazing and so kind and when we feel fear they are actually trying to tell us something is wrong. Like a little kid, they’re saying “hey we’re afraid”. It’s our body’s automatic trigger response telling us we’re in danger. So what we need to do is actually listen to ourselves with tenderness 🌿 to bravely dig in, get dirty, and perhaps talk to a professional to find out what’s happened to make us fearful and what’s going on in our internal world. Cos when we do this, the mask falls off and we get to know ourselves so beautifully, then in turn what happens is suddenly we realize that we don’t actually care so much about what people think, and we begin doing things not to seek approval or so people will like us or reward us, but because we actually love it. 🦋 Like free little kids we’ll just want to fly. Or sing. :) Thank you for reading this, I’m cheering you on with all my heart. By no means is this deep journey of healing over, I’m still on it, but I am now seeing myself and the world with more clarity and beauty, not doing things to please people, being kinder with myself instead of ripping myself apart with a critical voice, and just realizing that my unique voice is beautiful and strong, and that I have something powerful to say🌻🌱
Happy Saturday, friends :) Nat xo #youaremorepowerfulthanyourealise #rememberwhoyouare Thanks for coming down girls @nicolemonteduro @louisevaccaro
📷 @nicolemonteduro 👌🏻


  • 22w ago lisa_l_lucas lisa_l_lucas

    I’m so proud of you Natty!!! This really inspired me!!! You are amazing and grateful for your realness!! Love you so much! Greater things to come!

  • 22w ago michaelboyens michaelboyens

    Love your vulnerability, makes the enemy quake with fear and trembling. You a such a mighty woman of God!

  • 22w ago ellen_mashizha ellen_mashizha

    This is so beautiful written and speaks some of my truth as well. Much love to you on your healing jounrey xx

  • 22w ago juliesmith5405 juliesmith5405

    So good 😍😍

  • 22w ago kerrie_russell kerrie_russell

    Loved reading this Nat - you are very brave. Sending lots of love xx

  • 22w ago nate_w nate_w

    Yes to all of this!! So happy for you xx

  • 22w ago krisashpolephotography krisashpolephotography

    Congratulations!!! How exciting!!!

  • 22w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @nate_w ah thank you my darling xoxo I love you so much and miss youuuuuu. One day soon we will be in NYC at the SAME time!!!! 🤪

  • 22w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @lisa_l_lucas oh thank you my beautiful LL XOXO Love you so much babes. 😭😭😭

  • 22w ago jacintaread jacintaread

    There you are!!! Go, Nat! Love you lots and happy to see you singing!

  • 22w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @jacintaread omg thanks babe xxxx pretty much the last time I sang like this was HK!!! Literally! So insane. But I’m starting a new journey now and going all in. Love you so much my beautiful friend xoxoxo

  • 22w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @krisashpolephotography thank you soooo much Kris it means so much!!!!

  • 22w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @ellen_mashizha yep what a road we have walked hey, each different but the same in SO many ways. Love you so much and glad we are in this together! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 22w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @michaelboyens thanks Michael I appreciate your words so much :):)

  • 22w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @juliesmith5405 thank you for EVERYTHING!!!! Love you so much 🌸🌸💕💕

  • 22w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @kerrie_russell thanks so much for saying this Kerrie. Yep brave brave brave, this is the journey ha! Soooo intense but I’m coming out the other side I can feel it :) Hope you are well xxx 🌸🌸💕💕🌷🌷

  • 22w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @carolynjones7 oh thank you I love you and miss you xoxo

  • 22w ago markperic markperic

    You get the award for bravery and worlds longest insta essay....

  • 22w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @markperic yassssssss 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 well I am the writer’s ink 😉

  • 22w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @markperic my next website will be ha

  • 22w ago vickiicc0901 vickiicc0901

    @thewritersink 😘😘

  • 22w ago suelynngrace suelynngrace

    Thanks for sharing natty! Cheering you on!!! You got this ..

  • 22w ago jacintaread jacintaread

    @thewritersink yay! I want to recommend The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron if you haven't done it already. All about creative recovery. Very powerful xox

  • 22w ago nalinitranquim nalinitranquim

    Go girl!! So proud ❤️❤️❤️

  • 22w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @jacintaread oooooh excellent will get onto it. Love love you!!! Watching the wedding now how exciting!!!!! 🇬🇧🇬🇧👰🏻👰🏻👑👑

  • 22w ago missniksings missniksings

    Thank you for sharing so authentically about your fears and your struggles. It is inspiring to hear of your journey and triumphs. I’m certain your voice will only be even more beautiful now that it is singing with more emotion and experience and feelings. Xox

  • 22w ago rachvatu rachvatu

    Go girl 💗

  • 22w ago ellen_mashizha ellen_mashizha

    @thewritersink we really should catch up x

  • 22w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @ellen_mashizha yes. Okay I will text you. 💕💕🌸🌸

  • 22w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @rachvatu thanks so much Rach 😍😍😍

  • 22w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @missniksings such beautiful words Nik xo Yep, more strength and soul this way :) Challenging time’s produce great richness 💙🦋

  • 22w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @nalinitranquim thanks chickiebabes xoxo 💋🎶🎤

  • 22w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @suelynngrace ah ah ah ah thank you my darling xoxoxo I love you and miss you. How you doing? Xxx

  • 22w ago katie_catterall katie_catterall

    😍😍😍 love you Nat. So proud.

  • 22w ago staceyperic staceyperic

    Oh boy. This is a good time!

  • 22w ago miriam_cummings miriam_cummings

    Go you!!! X

  • 22w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @miriam_cummings aw thanks mizza xxxx gosh I miss you 😘

  • 21w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    @staceyperic oh yes oh yessssssss!

  • 21w ago thewritersink thewritersink

    Oh Katie!!!! You are beautiful! Thank you for your words gorgeous xxxxxx right back at you :) xx🌸🌸🌸

  • 21w ago karaclan karaclan

    I think you are living and telling my story - go you 👏👏👏


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