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That’s me up there! On the side of a volcano in Guatemala 😦😯
Adventuring has always been a part of my DNA but I’ve never did a hike like this. After conquering this volcano, I feel like I can do Kilimanjaro or Everest 🙃
Nah I definitely struggled, I was at the back of the pack lmao I took like 100 breaks. But a bish made it to the top! (After 7 hours 😓)
I wanna do more adventurous things, anyone have any recommendations?
BTW, I posted some more clips on my story and I wrote about my experience on my blog if you’re curious about Guatemala 🇬🇹
Update: OMG the volcano behind me erupted recently killing at least 75 ppl. Praying for everyone in the Antigua area. Guatemala & their ppl are so beautiful, I’m so sad this happened.


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