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The United States of America. A country built by.... Well, I guess we’re called animals, now? 🤔
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You have to see this.
Donald Trump's bigotry and dehumanization of immigrants are on full display here. "These aren't people, they're animals." He really did just say that.


  • 1w ago yubercalzadilla yubercalzadilla

    @bmic83 he's talking about MS 13

  • 1w ago jaclin_d jaclin_d

    I wish I didn't have to live to see such a dumbass president in the USA. I mean, I don't think he's mentally well. Should be locked up somewhere for the safety of the world.

  • 1w ago dewithoffmann dewithoffmann

    He was referring to MS 13 gang. If you disagree you might be part of the problem. You should be ashamed of yourself for misleading people. Or you are just one of the mislead.

  • 1w ago dewithoffmann dewithoffmann

    @_edd_11 Yes! Wake up! If you were awake you would know that he was referring to MS13. If you disagree you might be part of the problem.

  • 1w ago dewithoffmann dewithoffmann

    @danelljleyva are you illegal? Ms13 gang member maybe? I don’t get why you say “we’re” Go read the whole story before you post things like this.

  • 1w ago montrealtars montrealtars

    A totally abhorrent comment from Trump, who's proving every day that he's wholly unworthy of the office of the presidency.

  • 1w ago danelljleyva danelljleyva

    @dewithoffmann I don’t care what “section” he was referring to. The simple fact is that he called PEOPLE like me ANIMALS. But that doesn’t mean anything to you since you kill animals for fun. I say WE because I am an immigrant. You might be, too. I saw your posts and the captions are not in English. So you’re either a hypocrite, or you don’t even live in this country and are giving your unintelligible opinion. I am no longer living illegally in this country, but there was a point where I was. We immigrants come to this country searching for a better opportunity than what we had in our native countries. To provide a better life for our future generations. Does that make us animals? But again, you wouldn’t understand since you don’t even value the life of an animal. If you don’t like my posts and opinion, you can very easily unfollow me.

  • 1w ago dortiz_la dortiz_la

    Thanks for addressing this

  • 1w ago joseph_xd joseph_xd

    @danelljleyva then he's not talking about you if you're legal. And if people want a better life so desperately then they can do what every legal immigrant has done and apply and go through the process. In no other country can you just walts in and demand you stay in the country. There is a process and sovereign countries have to defend their borders, it's one of the requirements to being a sovereign nation.

  • 1w ago dewithoffmann dewithoffmann

    @danelljleyva okay, play the victim. I am not from USA. Just my objective opinion. If you want to equate yourself to an MS13 gang member that is your choice. Just hoping those who see you as a role model knows that they don’t have to play that victim card. You are my favorite gymnast. Hope you still realize how proud you should be to be a citizen of the USA🇺🇸

  • 1w ago cris_quo cris_quo

    ¡Ojalá alguien hubiera detenido a SU madre de INMIGRANTE FALSAMENTE! !

  • 1w ago cris_quo cris_quo

    @joseph_xd ...LEGAL SCHMEGAL ! Should someone have stopped his mother who came to the USA illegally then????? #45 is inhuman It has nothing to do with legal or illegal.. He wants to make room for white immigrants from Norway. (as if they would leave a country who cares about ALL IT'S people, not just the privileged whites.

  • 1w ago joseph_xd joseph_xd

    @cris_quo his mother came legally...

  • 1w ago cris_quo cris_quo

    @joseph_xd dig deeper

  • 1w ago krwlos1 krwlos1

    Thank you for speaking out, @danelljleyva!

  • 1w ago gil_gon915 gil_gon915

    @joseph_xd @dewithoffmann y’all don’t get it and you never will. Our people stick together. He may not be a gang member but to your people and people like trump that’s ALL they see. Or are we gonna sit here and really act like you haven’t seen the videos of racists attacking people just because of their appearance. Now you really sound stupid if you’re gonna sit here and pretend like that’s not happening. Idk who your entitlement has you feeling like but you’re dead wrong. And no one cannot just simply do the process that’s far more idiotic to say. Things are supposed to be black and white but reality is that it’s not. Things are not THAT simple. Wake up buttercup.

  • 1w ago alicia_colombo alicia_colombo

    I guess my grandparents are "animals" too... Hard working, tax paying, law-abiding animals... :-(

  • 1w ago carlosjesusmiamiheat carlosjesusmiamiheat

    No,, You are a Cuban refugee. He is not referring to Cuban American. You should travel and meet Salva Trucha and rest of the of those people who are all disgusting. I want the best for the USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • 1w ago j.beii j.beii

    @danelljleyva you need to view the BEGINNING of clip where he was asked about MS-13 Gang members. This was his response to MS-13 who are murderers. Stop getting it twisted. Fake news.

  • 1w ago christoir_o_hogan christoir_o_hogan


  • 1w ago joseph_xd joseph_xd

    @gil_gon915 I'm cuban and I WILL NOT associate with anyone in MS-13 or any illegal immigrant that commits criminal acts. My parents came here legally and risked their lives to give me and my brother a better life. They worked their asses off and assimilated to American culture. My "people" are not illegal immigrants or even Hispanics for that matter. They're hard working, law abiding citizens or even residents of this country that make this country a better place. No shit there are racists, but if you think for one second that some racists in butt fuck Louisiana talking about how they hate blacks on forums is as bad as illegal immigrants commiting crimes in this country then you're sadly mistaken. Furthermore, wtf do you mean "you people"? Did you just assume my opinion had to be because I'm a certain group? I'm Hispanic I happily distance myself from group think like yours.

  • 1w ago cole_omg cole_omg

    lol way to take this out of context

  • 1w ago anays_anais871 anays_anais871

    @danelljleyva i love you and I always respect you, let me tell you, I dislike this man as well, , but I have to say that he refer to Ms13 gang, this gangster guys are animals when it come to kill other human being. They are very dangerous people.

  • 1w ago sweetmassiel sweetmassiel

    As a Cuban immigrant I am not insulted by this. I am not offended that he called gang members of MS13 ANIMALS! That group of people are killing and raping innocent people. Just like the Castro's are ANIMALS because they killed and tortured people. Humans are civilized people but when you kill, rape, and steal you become animals. 💙✌❤

  • 1w ago dewithoffmann dewithoffmann

    @vynil_girl 🤣

  • 1w ago anastasiawild anastasiawild

    We’re all animals tho by biology classification. But yeah, he was talking about gang members

  • 1w ago michael_bankston michael_bankston

    I don’t think it’s smart to post something talking about politics just saying

  • 1w ago christian.bartolini christian.bartolini

    @danelljleyva Wow that was a huge straw man argument. You do realize he’s talking about MC-13 gang members not illegals. Have you seen the full video?

  • 6d ago joelhub joelhub

    @cole_omg ❤️

  • 6d ago joelhub joelhub

    Bruh it’s really sad when you have such a hate for someone that you have to rebel and disagree against everything they say even if it means defending a gang who kill high school students with machetes. I don’t usually agree with trump but it’s hard not to when you see how childish the opposing side is

  • 5d ago rayguell rayguell

    @luv2sync or just call him an asshole !

  • 5d ago rayguell rayguell

    @danelljleyva bien dicho !

  • 5d ago yubercalzadilla yubercalzadilla

    @alicia_colombo MS 13?

  • 5d ago yubercalzadilla yubercalzadilla

    @akalei_bc no about MS 13

  • 2d ago ben.asian ben.asian

    it honestly hurts that you support a gang who rapes and murders people then try to justify your backing by saying, “THEYRE PEOPLE TOO!”

  • 2d ago thomasbreen.l thomasbreen.l


  • 2d ago 310roman_s 310roman_s

    Ok, so people say he’s talking about MS13 and undocumented immigrants. Did I miss the conference when he called Travis Reinking or Dimitrios Pagourtzis animals...

  • 2d ago c_anderson7171 c_anderson7171

    @christian.bartolini Have you seen the war on Brown people?

  • 2d ago christian.bartolini christian.bartolini

    @c_anderson7171 of course there is discrimination in America but in this particular case president Trump is calling the gang MC-13 animals. Unless you agree with the gang raping, severing heads, human trafficking, and whatever horrific things they do only because their skin color is brown. Like I told this guy, do your research before you make bold claims

  • 1d ago c_anderson7171 c_anderson7171

    @christian.bartolini The thing is he’s always said Mexicans were rapists and thieves and wanted them out while campaigning. This is just a different version, he just added a gang name to it. I don’t support any gang. It would be nice to see him focus this much attention on gun regulations , then foaming at the mouth about immigrants.

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