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I‘ve honestly been waiting for so long to take one of Talia‘s classes in person. She‘s one of the teachers who have a deep understanding of the big picture of yoga and you can feel that in her words and energy. Thank you for the wonderful class @talia_sutra 💗 I was so happy to meet you!


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    isn’t she amazing ♥️ i went to her class on sunday, and the moment she came into the room, smiled and said hello, i was „schockverliebt“. i was afraid to join her, because i’m so stiff, but i absolutely loved the class 😘

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    @zottimi yes. I saw your photo and had major envy that I wasn‘t there and then I realized she was in Zurich too 🙈 I was afraid too because I haven‘t practiced regularly since coming back from the Philippines 😂 ie. in over a month! I loved it 😍❤️😘

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    Aaah my fellow Alo girl! ☺️😘💗

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    @nataliasyoga oooh I was hoping to find you here! 😘 Let‘s meet up again!!

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    @melaniethue same! 😍 definitely!! 🙌🏼💃🏼💗🙏🏼

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    💖🙏Aloha vibes 🐬🌸🌊

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    Love this ♥️

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