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By Gd, I love this man. 🇺🇸 Adrianna Valoy, mother of fallen NYPD Detective Milsotis Familia hugs President Trump. #MAGA @CNN @MSNBC @nbc @ABC @CBS @NPR @washingtonpost @nytimes @realdonaldtrump @cnn @nytimes @abcnews @cbsnews et al would sooner take the gas pipe then run this photo.


  • 29w ago chrismathenia1 chrismathenia1

    #MAGA #mypresident #Trump2020 #nevertiredofwinning

  • 29w ago shlomi.levy shlomi.levy

    The best president ever in us history

  • 29w ago cashyearwsop cashyearwsop

    PRO Trump 🇺🇸... Trump good ...Pelosi bad👹.. get it now ?

  • 29w ago kalliedelange kalliedelange

    Love him tooo!

  • 29w ago seta64 seta64

    God bless mr. TRUMP.

  • 29w ago jeanniewilde105.7 jeanniewilde105.7

    Pam is this on FB. It is so so beautiful I want to share it!!!

  • 29w ago mironh mironh


  • 29w ago eliseo.morales.397 eliseo.morales.397

    Mother of slain officer holding on to Faith, peace and hope

  • 29w ago andrew_probert andrew_probert

    That has to be the shot of the year,... wow, what a moment-

  • 29w ago kpage1151 kpage1151

    Anyone with a brain loves this man also! ❤️❤️

  • 29w ago wayblek5 wayblek5

    What a wonderful man! What a powerful image!

  • 29w ago tklamers tklamers

    Love him toooooooo

  • 29w ago neilsthepoet neilsthepoet

    Our Real President

  • 29w ago bobbyosempek bobbyosempek


  • 29w ago patty_jane patty_jane

    Donald Trump is a President like none other. THIS photo should go down in history.

  • 29w ago sylver.711 sylver.711

    Grabs old people by their finger!

  • 29w ago maska.shylyaga maska.shylyaga

    American liberals should take note. You're on the wrong side of history AND Reality with your stupidity and hatred

  • 29w ago ltcolonelm ltcolonelm

    @benmillertattoo You’re

  • 29w ago djsteveshanahan djsteveshanahan

    @snoopymulberry President not president

  • 29w ago ltcolonelm ltcolonelm

    THAT is a great photo! A picture for the ages! And a testament to Trump’s compassion and respect for law enforcement. I LOVE the contrast with previous. 😍

  • 29w ago snoopymulberry snoopymulberry

    @djsteveshanahan it’s not a grammatical mistake so don’t hit yourself so hard to correct me

  • 29w ago peggywaldrop peggywaldrop

    Sweetest picture. God bless our fallen policemen families.

  • 29w ago dghakes dghakes


  • 29w ago renee.m.chapman renee.m.chapman

    I love this. Why does her color matter? Oh! Because mainstream news makes it an issue that isn’t ...

  • 29w ago signsbyamaya signsbyamaya

    Is this Racism??????

  • 29w ago signsbyamaya signsbyamaya

    Where are the Dogs from the corrupt@Media??

  • 29w ago flamingosarepink2 flamingosarepink2

    God bless Israel

  • 29w ago flamingosarepink2 flamingosarepink2

    God bless Trump

  • 29w ago flamingosarepink2 flamingosarepink2

    God bless America

  • 29w ago absolute_civil_security absolute_civil_security

    Wow. This is a great #photo. 🇺🇸🗣🙏🏻

  • 29w ago koceila5002 koceila5002

    @pamelageller love him it's my favorite président

  • 29w ago angielankford06 angielankford06

    Priceless I love this God appointed in tge White House man too!

  • 29w ago mtheduke mtheduke

    Isn’t he great and what he’s done in 15mo compared to his predecessors in their entire term? I mean no comparison right? Sider note: if I send you your book postage paid back to me will you do me the pleasure of signing it? It would mean the world to me! Thanks in advance! Cheers,

  • 29w ago dazzling_star777 dazzling_star777

    I LOVE our President Trump! Just returning from DC where women from all over America gathered for “Enough Is Enough Summit”. 2 out of 3 Black African babies are aborted in NYC! That means MORE babies NOT “tissue” are sacrificed st the altar of Planned Parenthood than are BORN! Is it any wonder only 13% population of Black Africans exists today! Young ladies BEWARE! Planned Parenthood is NOT your friend. Now the Latinos are being targeted. Planned Parenthood clinics has 80% of their clinics in Black & Latino communities! I have much more to share on the latest TRUE FACTS! WAKE UP AMERICANS The Battle IS ON!

  • 29w ago nejlasprivate nejlasprivate

    #saynototheracism 🖕🏻🖕🏼🖕🏽🖕🏾🖕🏿🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸. ❤️❤️☪️☪️☪️☪️🕉🕉.

  • 29w ago dunndealflrealtor dunndealflrealtor

    Love this picture of our Amazing President!

  • 28w ago wholeedahooligan wholeedahooligan

    When you’re a Uncle Tom and love you some draft dodger

  • 28w ago waveskimmer waveskimmer

    How do you love someone supported by every racist organization?

  • 21w ago bby_kelliandra bby_kelliandra


  • 20w ago deevero deevero

    First time seeing this picture. Go figure! 🇺🇸

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