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A new investigation with @igualdadanimalmexico.
Earlier this year, Jo worked with Animal Equality to document the daily brutality of life and death for animals in the Mexican broiler chicken industry. All around the world, birds raised for meat are treated as units of production, never as individual animals with needs and desires. Young birds die from injury, they are crushed in machinery and in transport, their bodies – manipulated to grow at unnaturally fast rates – fail them when they are just weeks old. Every part of their lives is mechanized, a step on a production line.
Choose meat-free meals. Encourage others to do the same. Speak up for animals. Support groups like @animalequality. Help us tell the stories of animals whose lives we control, but who remain invisible in our society.
"Experiencing first-hand the talent and sensitivity of Jo-Anne McArthur has been a truly enriching experience. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to work with her have benefitted immensely from her commitment, professionalism and determination to help animals around the world.” – Dulce Ramírez, @IgualdadAnimalMexico
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