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If you are a phone scammer claiming to be from a company that gives prizes... Please do not call my Grandmother during my short visit and try to squeeze thousands of dollars to insure the delivery of the big prize today. Really lousy way to start the day.


  • 22w ago rmq71 rmq71


  • 22w ago paul.pdx paul.pdx


  • 22w ago bleusage bleusage

    You tell them Fawkes!

  • 22w ago cosplanna cosplanna

    Ughhh that's so lame and frustrating!!!

  • 22w ago thegulliver thegulliver

    I get 4-6 scam calls a day. I just don't answer any number not in my contact list anymore. I need Fawkes to extract some revenge

  • 22w ago carlyrosanna83 carlyrosanna83

    Stupid scammers


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